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Research Article November 24 2020
Localised atmospheric corrosion of magnesium-aluminum alloys produced by semi solid casting - A 2D and 3D investigation
Research Article November 24 2020
Effect of Hydrogen on Creep Properties of SUS304 Austenitic Stainless Steel
Research Article November 24 2020
Determining Critical Micelle Concentration of Organic Corrosion Inhibitors and its Effectiveness in Corrosion Mitigation
Research Article November 17 2020
Corrosion Behavior and Hardness of Binary Mg Alloys Produced via High Energy Ball-Milling and Subsequent Spark Plasma Sintering
Research Article November 17 2020
Influence of Acetic Acid on the Integrity and Protectiveness by an Iron Carbonate (FeCO3) Corrosion Product Layer
Research Article November 8 2020
Environmentally assisted cracking behavior of 18Ni 250 maraging steel welds obtained with and without flux in chloride media
Research Article November 8 2020
Corrosion Behavior of Carbon Steel Piping in Flowing Diluted Seawater
Research Article November 8 2020
Electrochemical characterization of an oil/water alternately wetted rotating cylinder electrode
Research Article November 8 2020
Quantitative Analysis Methods of Chloride Deposition on Silver for Atmospheric Corrosion Monitoring in South Korea
Research Article October 20 2020
Increased Filiform Corrosion Resistance Utilizing a Zirconium-Based Conversion Coating on an Al-Zn-Mg-Cu (AA7075-T6) Alloy as well as Selected Surface Treatments
Research Article October 19 2020
Corrosion Inhibition of Brazing Cu-Ag Alloy with 1,2,3-Benzotriazole and 2,5-Dimercapto-1,3,4-Thiadiazole
Research Article October 13 2020
Local electrochemical behaviour of friction stir welded Mg-Al-Mn alloy joints
Research Article October 8 2020
Aspects on early-stage corrosion of different zinc alloys: wet scCO2-induced corrosion
Research Article October 6 2020
Designing Lubricant-Impregnated Surfaces for Corrosion Protection
Research Article October 3 2020
Inhibiting Corrosion of Mg Alloy AZ31B-H24 Sheet Metal with Lithium Carbonate
Research Article October 1 2020
Multi-method approach to assess the corrosion behavior of a coated WE43 Mg alloy
Research Article September 21 2020
Optimization of cathodic protection systems of tank bottoms using boundary elements, inverse analysis and genetic algorithm
Research Article September 19 2020
Fracture Toughness Assessment of the Susceptibility for Sulfide Stress Corrosion Cracking in High Strength Carbon Steels: A review
Research Article September 16 2020
Insight into the Effect of Mg(OH)2 Films versus Nobel Element Enrichment on the Global and Local Cathodic Activation of Corroding Mg
Research Article September 10 2020
Corrosion–resistant materials for alkaline water electrolyzers
Research Article September 7 2020
Silicate Ions as Corrosion Inhibitors for Carbon Steel in Chloride-Contaminated Concrete Pore Simulating Solutions
Research Article September 3 2020
Effect of oxide film on the cavitation erosion-corrosion behavior of nickel-aluminum bronze alloy
Research Article August 31 2020
Evaluation of SCC, SSC, GHSC and HE Resistance of Aged UNS N06625 Forged Bars
Research Article August 26 2020
Acceleration of environmentally-assisted cracking initiation of the Type 316L steel in high temperature water and hydrogenated steam vapor environments
Research Article August 21 2020
Effect of microstructure evolution on corrosion behaviour of friction stir welded joint for 2195-T8 alloy
Research Article August 21 2020
A Study into the Localized Corrosion of Magnesium Alloy Magnox Al-80
Research Article August 21 2020
The influence of chloride ion concentration on the localized corrosion of E717 Mg alloy
Research Article August 15 2020
Effect of Uniaxial Tension-Induced Plastic Strain on the Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of 13Cr Martensitic Stainless Steel
Research Article August 13 2020
Silicon content affecting corrosion behavior of Alp/Sip composites in a biodiesel blend
Research Article August 4 2020
Towards a Physical Description of the Role of Germanium in Moderating Cathodic Activation of Magnesium
Research Article July 27 2020
Rational Design of Effective Mg Degradation Modulators
Research Article July 14 2020
Investigating the effect of pH on corroding magnesium by dynamic pH sweep coupled with electrochemical measurements.
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