Taxonomic notes are provided for several taxa of Vespinae. Vespula austriaca (Panzer, 1799) and Vespula infernalis (de Saussure, 1854) can be distinguished by the sculpturing on the frons in the queen. Vespula yunlongensis Dong and Wang, 2003, is a synonym of V. flaviceps (Smith, 1870), NEW SYNONYMY, while V. yulongensis Dong and Wang, 2002, is not a synonym of that species, but of V. rufa (Linnaeus, 1758), NEW SYNONYMY. The type of Vespa peruana de Saussure, 1867, has been found in Geneva, and the species is confirmed as a synonym of Dolichovespula norwegica (Fabricius, 1781). Vespula shinanoensis Takamizawa, 2005, is a nomen nudum.

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