Key, diagnoses, data on distribution and host plants are given for 13 species of Campylomma Reuter, 1878 (Heteroptera: Miridae: Phylinae) known from Russia, Caucasus, Central Asia and adjacent countries including two new ones: Campylomma linnavuorii sp. nov. (Tajikistan) and Campylomma attilioi sp. nov. (North Africa and Middle East). Illustrations of the male genitalia, photographs of the dorsal habitus and head are provided for all discussed species. The lectotype of Campylomma angustulum Reuter, 1904 is designated and the taxonomic concept of this species is reassessed. The following new records are reported for the first time: Campylomma lindbergi Hoberlandt, 1953 (Afghanistan), C. nigronasutum Reuter, 1878 (Turkey), C. simillimum Jakovlev, 1882 (Northern part of European Russia), and C. viticis Lindberg, 1948 (Iran).

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