The following nomenclatorial changes are recorded in the African leafhopper genus Allophleps Bergroth, 1920 (Cicadellidae: Deltocephalinae, Athysaninae): Saudallygus Dlabola, 1979, a junior synonym of Allophleps, syn. nov.;, S. curvatus Dlabola, 1979 (the type species of Saudallygus), a junior synonym of A. elongata, syn. nov.; A. elongata (Melichar, 1912, Eutettix) comb. nov.; A. eques (Jacobi, 1910, Deltocephalus) comb. nov.; A. inspersa Bergroth, 1920, a junior synonym of A. eques, syn. nov. A new species, A. linnavuorii sp. nov., is established for specimens misidentified as A. inspersa by Viraktamath & Dash (2001); lectotypes are designated for Allophleps eques and A. inspersa and a key and figures are provided to distinguish males of the included taxa.

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