In 1923 Emil Böse reported on the "Vestiges of an Ancient Continent in northeast Mexico". In searching for evidence for this ancient landmass (the Coahuila Peninsula) in 1920 Böse had traversed parts of Coahuila under most difficult circumstances. His first trip to Las Delicias from the south, although he reached Las Delicias, was geologically unsuccessful. His second, longer trip took him west 185 km from Cuatro Cienegas and then 150 km to the southeast, the latter 100 km with no water. He travelled with mules. On the second trip he was able to obtain the evidence of Aptian rocks overlying unconformably Permian rocks. This evidence he needed to define the ancient landmass from which sediments were supplied to the Tithonian and Neocomian rocks of the La Mula Basin and other parts of northeastern Mexico.

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