Marlies Teichmüller, née Köster (1914 Herne-2000 Krefeld), was one of the few women geologists in Germany who as early as the 1940s had a successful scientific career. To accomplish this unusual career path various prerequisites had to be met. Besides a strong character and talent, the support of her family proved to be crucial. Her childhood that was troubled by the early death of her father, her and her sisters' upbringing as half-orphans and her schooling probably played a major role in her decision making process. The influence of her teachers during her student years at the University of Berlin as well as her marriage to a scientist in a related field are considered to have been most important for her later scientific success. Their shared knowledge and many decades of lasting cooperation led to completely new insights in the field of organic petrology. In addition we emphasize her accomplishments in improving communication between the German and the American scientific traditions in the field of coal studies.

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