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Publishing a Supplement with Ethnicity & Disease

Ethn Dis will publish supported supplements, as both a standalone publication or as a section of the quarterly issues. Guest editors are invited to write a brief proposal describing the proposed content to the editor-in-chief (see #9). Use the guidelines below to determine the appropriateness of material as a supplement.

1. Content

In order to be considered for a supplement, the papers must collectively make a contribution to the understanding of ethnicity and health. Topics might include ethnic differentials in disease rates or treatment patterns; socioeconomic factors related to health care access; or effects of migration and acculturation on health. The editor-in-chief, in consultation with the associate editors, will determine appropriateness.

2. Source

Supplements may come from a variety of sources, such as conference proceedings, manuscripts resulting from a clinical trial supported by academic or research institutions, or manuscripts solicited from research institutions dedicated to specific topics related to minority health. While many organizations or institutions may contribute to the supplement, one main institution or organization must serve as the contracting entity for contract agreement, invoicing and payment.

3. Peer and Editorial Review

The guest editor (or designee) is responsible for guiding all articles through a peer review process with peer reviewers selected for their expertise in the subject matter of the supplement. All supplement materials will be subject to Ethn Dis final editorial review and will be made compliant with Ethn Dis editorial standards and styles.

4. Length

The guest editor proposes the length of the supplement based on the content, expected manuscripts, and funding available. All supplements are published as standalone publications. A minimum of 60 pages is required. Supplements with <60 pages will be invoiced for 60 pages at the current per page rate.

5. Cost

The publication cost for a supplements is $500 per formatted page. (As a rough guide: A 5,000-word paper with 2-3 tables or figures would run approximately 8-9 formatted pages.) Cost for printing, if selected by the guest editor, will be determined by the number of pages and copies required of the supplement.

6. Frequency

Ethn Dis publishes up to eight supplements a year, with no more than one supplement or quarterly issue published within any given month. Exceptions are made at the discretion of the editorial board.

7. Format

Ethn Dis publishes in an online format only. However, for supplements, guest editors can choose to have special print run of the standalone publication. Price quotes will be provided when content / number of pages are confirmed. 

8. Copyright Transfer

Ethnicity & Disease, Inc. retains the copyright for all papers published in Ethn Dis, including those published in supplements. Sponsoring agencies of a supplement must ensure that all authors of the articles intended for the supplement will indicate their approval of the copyright transfer through the online checklist.

9. Process

To propose a supplement, the sponsor/guest editor must submit a proposal outlining: topic and manuscript contents, number of papers, estimated number of pages (including introductions and summaries), anticipated number of graphs/charts, whether the supplement should be standalone or add-on, the anticipated date the materials will be available, and, if the sponsor will order print versions (how many?) of the supplement. The guest editor must agree to provide an introduction to provide background as to the purpose of the program/trial/research. In the case of conference proceedings, the conference agenda should be included in the introduction. Supplements reporting on study findings should include all study sites, principal investigators, study design and protocols.

10. Timeliness

Once the proposed supplement is accepted, it is the sponsor's responsibility to make timely payment and to submit all papers and materials to Ethn Dis.

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