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Competing Interests / Conflict of Interest

Ethnicity & Disease is committed to ensuring that research is as free from bias as possible, and is seen to be so. It is the responsibility of the journal and our editors to take all competing interests into account during the review process and to ensure that any relevant ones are declared in the published article. We therefore have the following requirements.

  • Authors must declare all relevant competing interests for consideration during the review process.
  • Conflict of interest statements are listed under each author separately in the published manuscript, as appropriate.
  • Editors (professional or academic, paid or unpaid) and reviewers must declare their own competing interests and, if necessary, recuse themselves from involvement in the assessment of a paper.

What is a competing interest?
  • Ethnicity & Disease defines a competing interest as anything that interferes with, or could reasonably be perceived as interfering with, the full and objective presentation, peer review, editorial decision making, or publication of research or non-research articles submitted to one of the journals. Competing interests can be financial or non-financial, professional, or personal. Competing interests can arise in relationship to an organization or another person.

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