This article introduces an insulation system that takes advantage of the low thermal conductivity of still air and is made of wood and paper. The insulation, called the Mirrorpanel, is constructed as a panel of closely spaced layers of coated paper and held together in a frame of wood or fiberboard. Panels have been fabricated and tested at the laboratory scale, whole wall scale, and the building scale. A 1.2-m by 2-m by 0.185-m-thick wall section had an apparent thermal conductance of only 0.204 W m−2 K−1 including the structural wood frame, which is equivalent to a US R-value of 27.9 h ft2 °F Btu−1 (3.8 h ft2 °F Btu−1 in.−1 for the 7.3-in.-thick wall section). The Mirrorpanel could be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to foam insulation in high-performance residential buildings and would fulfill the continuous insulation requirements in the 2012 version of the International Energy Conservation Code.

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