Tests were conducted to determine the withdrawal capacities of 10-mm (nominal ⅜-in.) and 15.9-mm (nominal ⅝-in.) through-bolts with Diameter Nominal (DN) 15-mm (nominal ½-in.) and DN 25-mm (nominal 1-in.) pipe-nut connectors intended for use in light-timber frame construction. The capacity of unreinforced 15.9-mm through-bolts with DN 25-mm pipe-nut connectors was approximately 31.1 kN; the capacity of comparable reinforced connectors was approximately 71.2 kN. Likewise, the withdrawal capacity of smaller unreinforced 10-mm through-bolts with DN 15-mm pipe-nut connectors was approximately 13.3 kN; comparable reinforced connectors had a capacity of 17.8 kN. Similar 10-mm through-bolts with DN 10-mm pipe couplings had a capacity of 26.7 kN. Overall, results indicate that high-capacity joints can be constructed with through-bolt and pipe-nut connectors.

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Author notes

The authors are, respectively, Professor and Associate Professor, Dept. of Forestry and Natural Resources, Purdue Univ., West Lafayette, Indiana (eckelmac@purdue.edu, ehaviar@purdue.edu). This paper was received for publication in December 2010. Article no. 10-00072.