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Author Guidelines

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Publishing your research in FPJ provides excellent exposure to strengthen your tenure track, PhD defense or simply build the global body of knowledge of forest products. Your manuscript will be peer reviewed by the FPJ editorial board. When published, your article will be available for download globally.

With its 70 year history, Forest Products Journal (FPJ) is the world’s most complete and prestigious source of high-quality peer-reviewed technical research reflecting the current state of wood science and technology. Scope includes highest quality peer-reviewed technical research papers at the applied or practical level that reflect the current state of wood science and technology. This new format will provide greater access to a broader audience in the forest products industry.

  • Peer-reviewed
  • 4 issues/yr
  • Published Impact Factor
  • Article charges for authors (discount to FPS members)

The FPJ is critical to anyone doing research in this area and institutions maintaining a high quality wood science collection. For questions about FPJ, please contact FPS Member Connect at +1-706-443-1337 or [email protected].

Typical Topics
  • Durability & Physical Properties
    • Wood Preservation, Deterioration and Protection
    • Drying & Treatments to Improve Performance
    • Non-destructive Testing & Evaluation
    • Mechanical Properties
    • Environmental Impacts & Life Cycle Analysis
  • Wood in Use
    • Solid wood and wood-based structural products
    • Wood construction
  • Wood & Biomass Utilization
    • Primary & Secondary Processing
    • Forest management impacts on wood quality, yield and value
    • Wood processing
    • Wood markets
    • Wood composites
    • Energy Production Issues
  • Wood Chemistry and Chemical Processing of Wood
    • Traditional and Renewable adhesives for wood composites
    • Nanotechnology for wood materials
    • New products from lignin, cellulose, hemicellulose, extractives
  • Forest Products Marketing, Economics and Business
    • Economics
    • Marketing
    • International Trade
    • Industrial Organization
    • Business Management
  • Alternative Forestry Products
    • Non-timber forest products (non-food, non-feed) for fiber, chemicals and products
    • Industrial crops and products used as substitutes for wood products
    • Industrial/forest crop management practices to increase specific chemical components for forest products
    • Biotechnology/genetics for chemistry/forest products
    • Biobased resins/adhesives/polymers from plants/forests

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