In this research article, Stephany Cuevas explores how undocumented Latina/o parents are engaged in their children's higher education goals and aspirations. Specifically, she investigates how the constraints created by the consequences of their undocumented immigration status, or their “illegality,” impact this engagement. Through in-depth interviews with fifteen undocumented Latina/o parents with children who successfully applied to, were accepted by, and matriculated to a selective public institution in California, Cuevas finds that undocumented parents make intentional day-to-day sacrificios for their children's educational attainment, prioritizing their children's educational financial needs over their own basic needs. While these engagement behaviors are similar to those of other parent populations, Cuevas argues that these investments come at a higher and more personal cost for undocumented immigrant parents. The findings of this study are essential for reconceptualizing research and practice to consider the impact of an immigration status on Latina/o parental engagement.

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