In this article, Stephanie Alvarez, José L. Martínez, Annabel Salamanca, Erika Salamanca, and Roberto C. Reyna share the impacts of Cosecha Voices, a pedagogical approach used with college students from migrant farmworker backgrounds at one of the largest Hispanic-Serving Institutions in the United States. They argue that Cosecha Voices affirms, validates, and humanizes the migrant farmworker experience and can help students not only unpack and document their migrant farmworker experiences but also strengthen their sense of self-empowerment. Utilizing testimonio, students are able to affirm and find strength in their migrant farmworker lifestyle that helps support them through their college journey. This Voices: Reflective Accounts of Education essay centers the voices of former program participants in its analysis of program impact and offers a program description, personal reflections from participants, and future considerations for similar research.

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