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Coming in Future Issues:

Summer 2024

“Racialized Closures and the Shuttering of Black Schools: Evidence from National Data”
Danielle Marie Greene-Bell and Francis A. Pearman II

“Schools and the Rise of Mass Incarceration in Post-Brown World”
Matthew B. Kautz

“Standardization, White Supremacy, and Racial Self-Definition: African American Secondary Schools in Rural North Carolina, 1920–1954”
Amato Nocera, Kyle P. Steele, John Hensley

“They Can’t . . . They Won’t . . .They Did: Overcoming Reductive Perceptions of Teachers with Colorado’s Sample Curriculum Project”
Brian R. Sevier, Joanna Bruno, Karol Gates, Stephanie Hartman, Mary Ellen Pittman, Vince Puzick, Phyllis Reed, and Beverly Reimer

“Toxic Masculinity Masking as Cultural Relevancy: Latino Men Navigating Heteropatriarchal Expectations of Manhood in the Teaching Profession”
Michael V. Singh

“Rethinking Community Cultural Wealth”
David Shuang Song (宋爽)

And additional contributions.

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