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Coming in Future Issues:

Spring 2021


“How Social Studies Teachers Choose News Resources for Current Events Instruction,” by Christopher H. Clark, Mardi Schmeichel, H. James Garrett

“‘She did not find one that was for me:’ The College Pathways of the Mexican and Central American Undocumented 1.25 Generation,” by Daysi Ximena Diaz-Strong

“The Mission Project: Teaching History and Avoiding the Past in California Elementary Schools,” by Harper Benjamin Keenan

“No Choice is the ‘Right’ Choice: Black Parents Educational Decision-making in their Search for a ‘Good’ School,” by Linn Posey-Maddox, Maxine McKinney de Royston, Alea R. Holman, Raquel M. Rall, Rachel A. Johnson

“‘I Became a Mom Overnight’: How Parental Detentions and Deportations Impact Young Adults’ Roles and Educational Experiences,” by Carolina Valdivia

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