We describe a new species of Cochranella from the Montañas de Mache in the Chocó Ecoregion of the lowlands of northwestern Ecuador. The new species is placed in the Cochranella granulosa group and can be distinguished from all other species of Cochranella by having: (1) white parietal and visceral peritonea; (2) a snout that is gradually inclined in lateral aspect; (3) conspicuous dermal folds, and large, white tubercles on ventrolateral edges of Finger IV, forearms, elbows, tarsi, Toe V, and heels; (4) fleshy, tuberculate, ∩-shaped cloacal fold; and (5) dorsum green with small yellow dots in life. The new species shares several characters with C. daidalea, C. resplendens, C. savagei and C. solitaria, including dermal folds with white tubercles on the arms and legs, snout gradually inclined in profile, and cloacal ornaments. Finally, we briefly discuss the characters that define the Cochranella granulosa group.

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