A new species of bent-toed gecko, Cyrtopodion brachykolon is described from a series of specimens collected in 1991 from Manshera and lower Swat districts, Northwest Frontier Province, Pakistan. Specimens were examined for 45 morphological characters and measurements. Cyrtopodion brachykolon is distinguished from the morphologically similar species, Cyrtopodion walli (Ingoldby 1922), by the former's relatively shorter limbs, smaller dorsal tubercles relative to the surrounding granular scales, indistinct longitudinal rows of enlarged dorsal tubercles, and fewer number of transverse color bands. Another morphologically similar species, Alsophylax (Altiphylax) tokobajvi Eremschenko and Szczerbak 1984, can be separated from this new species by its larger supranasal scales and less angularly bent or straight digits. We also provide a brief review of the taxonomic history of the bent-toed geckos of Pakistan, herein assigned to Cyrtopodion (s. l.).

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