We describe a new species of gekkonid lizard from Palawan Island, southwestern Philippines. The new species differs from all Philippine Cyrtodactylus and all other phenotypically similar Southeast Asian Cyrtodactylus by characteristics of external morphology, color pattern, and body size. The new species is common in low- to mid-elevation primary growth forest and disturbed lowland riparian gallery forests along the southeast coastal foothills of Mt. Mantalingajan, on southern Palawan Island. To complement the description of the new species and enable future taxonomic work, we redescribe Cyrtodactylus annulatus, revise its diagnosis, and delineate its geographic range. To clarify the taxonomic status of this species with respect to other Philippine taxa and because the holotype of C. annulatus was destroyed in WWII, we designate a neotype for this species.

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