A new species of puddle frog (Phrynobatrachus) is described from the Obudu Plateau in Cross River State of eastern Nigeria. The new species is distinguished from Phrynobatrachus species that are either closely related or occur in Nigeria or nearby countries by the combination of its larger body size (larger than the closely related P. chukuchuku, P. danko, P. manengoubensis, and P. werneri) and more extensive degree of development of male traits such as the nuptial pad and gular spines. The new species is also distinguished by a pale or white line along the anterior edge of the supratympanic skin ridge. A molecular phylogenetic analysis reveals that this morphologically distinct taxon is conspecific with a juvenile specimen from the Obudu Plateau previously referred to as P. werneri, and that this new species forms a clade with three other small species from the mountains of Cameroon and Nigeria (P. danko, P. werneri, and P. manengoubensis). The description of this species adds to the diversity of amphibian species of the Obudu Plateau, many of which have disjunct distributions with other populations located in the mountains of neighboring Cameroon.

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