We describe a new species of the genus Rabdion based on morphological evidence. The new species, Rabdion grovesi sp. nov., is restricted to South Sulawesi, whereas Rabdion forsteni is widely distributed on the rest of Sulawesi (Indonesia). Rabdion grovesi sp. nov. differs from R. forsteni by having a broader, shallower, and rounded rostral (vs. narrow, deep, and pointed); nasal touched by first and second supralabials (vs. first only); temporals 1 + 2 (vs. 1 + 3); 192 ventrals (vs. 130–157 in males and 152–160 in females); elongate (vs. shorter) dorsal scales; and a bluish gray dorsum (vs. grayish brown) in preservative. Finally, we provide a complete redescription for R. forsteni based on the subadult female syntype, MNHN 7210.

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