The Herpetologists’ League congratulates the 2015 winners of the following awards:

Runner-up awardees are listed in alphabetical order; all were awarded at same level.

Winner.—David Penning (with coauthors B. Sawvel and B. Moon), University of Louisiana at Lafayette, “Is there always a need for speed? How fast can ratsnakes (Pantherophis obsoletus) strike?”

Runner-up.—Michelle Gordon (with coauthor C.R. Tracy), University of Nevada, “Morphological insights into the relationships among isolated populations of Anaxyrus boreas in Northern and Central Nevada.”

Runner-up.—Rachel Rhymer (with coauthors J. Robertson, G. Flores, and R. Espinoza), California State University, Northridge, “Testing the benefits of maternal care in a viviparous lizard.”

Runner-up.—Rory Telemeco (with coauthors E. Gangloff, G. Cordero, T. Mitchell, et al.), University of Washington, “Thermal taxis by turtle embryos: Behavioral thermoregulation or play?”

Runner-up.—Julie Ziemba (with coauthors C. Anthony and C.-A. Hickerson), John Carroll University, “Invasive Asian earthworms (Amynthas...

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