The Herpetologists' League congratulates the 2016 winners of the following awards:

Winner.—Kristen Winchell (with co-authors E. Carlen and L. Revell), University of Massachusetts–Boston, “Urban habitat partitioning by two common species of Puerto Rican anoles.”

1st Runner-up.—Nicholas Caruso (with co-authors J. Jacobs, L. Rissler), University of Alabama, “Using a reciprocal transplant experiment to quantify the effects of the abiotic environment on montane salamander life history.”

2nd Runner-up.—Evan Eskew (with co-authors M. Miller, J. Foley, and B. Todd), University of California–Davis, “Comparative transcriptomics of two amphibian host species exposed to the emerging fungal pathogen Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis.”

3rd Runner-up.—Nassima M. Bouzid (with co-authors J.W. Archie, R.A. Anderson, J.A. Grummer, J.G. Schraiber, and A.D. Leaché), University of Washington, “Inferring demographic history and adaptive potential of Sceloporus occidentalis using genome-wide SNP data.”

4th Runner-up.—Noelikanto Ramamonjisoa (with co-author Y. Natuhara), Nagoya University (Japan), “Mouthpart diversity and...

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