Adult males of the African treefrog species Leptopelis flavomaculatus occur in either brown or green color morphs. In this study, we investigated whether the two color morphs of breeding males of L. flavomaculatus differ in traits other than color. We examined call differences (dominant frequencies and call durations), call-site selection, and body size. Our results show differences in the call durations, dominant frequencies, mean call intensities, as well as in size (body length and body mass) of the two vocally active color morphs of this species. The two morphs were similar in their choice of plant species used as calling sites and the heights of those sites. Given the sensitivity of mate recognition systems for most anurans, our results provide evidence of both call and morphological variation between the two color morphs of this species. Our findings establish a foundation for future phylogenetic and mating system studies to support the contention that the two color morphs of L. flavomaculatus might warrant taxonomic recognition as separate species.

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