The Herpetologists' League is pleased to recognize the following student members for their winning research proposals in the 2020 E.E. Williams Research Grant competition.

Behavior.—Kelsey Garner, John Carroll University, “Assessment of behavioral syndromes in Eastern Red-backed Salamanders (Plethodon cinereus).” DECLINED

Behavior.—Jenna Pruitt, Auburn University, “The influence of predation risk on nesting behavior in a lizard.”

Conservation.—Courtney Hendrickson, Oregon State University, “Unraveling the amphibian skin microbiome: A new frontier to rehabilitate and monitor endangered amphibian species.”

Ecology.—Mason Murphy, Miami University, “Assessing population structure, dispersal costs, and models of connectivity in anurans.”

Evolution & Diversity.—Rhett Rautsaw, Clemson University, “Testing for character displacement in venom.”

Physiology & Functional Morphology.—Whitney Walkowski, Louisiana State University Health Sciences Center, “Endocrine control of retinal sensitivity in Hyla cinerea.”

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