The Serranía de los Paraguas is a mountainous region situated in the central part of the Cordillera Occidental of Colombia. It rises some 2500 m above the wet forest and supports a high concentration of species richness and endemism for plants and terrestrial vertebrates (amphibians, birds, and mammals). In the case of amphibians, 61 named species occurring in The Serranía de los Paraguas are recognized in the literature, which are mostly the works of J.D. Lynch and P. Ruíz-Carranza in the 1990s. During a 9-d survey in the wet season (19–27 July 2019) on the Reserva Natural Comunitaria Cerro El Inglés (one of the hills of the Serranía de los Paraguas) on the frontier between Chocó and Valle del Cauca departments, we discovered two new species of the genus Pristimantis. Both species share a divided palmar tubercle as well as a distinctive color pattern on the groin, of which both are distinctive within Pristimantis. The first new species is distinguished by its small size and having a distinctive carmine red color pattern on groin, uniform lateral fringes on fingers (no crenulated), palmar tubercle deeply bifid (or divided), advertisement call composed of a short single note distinctly pulsed, and absence of nuptial pads as well as hyperdistal tubercles, inner tarsal tubercle and fold, and partial fusion of Toe IV and V. The second new species is distinguished by having dermal ridges on scapular region, conical tubercle on upper eyelid and heel, palmar tubercle divided, differentiated tympanic membrane, males with vocal slits, orange spots on groin, advertisement call composed of distinctly pulsed 6–8 notes, and absence of dorsolateral folds as well as cranial crest, hyperdistal tubercles, and toe webbing. Considering these new species, the number of amphibians inhabiting the Serranía de los Paraguas has increased to 63 species. It is important to point out that within this outstanding species richness of amphibians, there are 10 endemic species and 17 threatened species according to the International Union for Conservation of Nature Red List (7 Critically Endangered, 5 Endangered, and 5 Vulnerable). Likewise, it is noteworthy that 29 terraranan species can be found in the Reserva Natural Comunitaria Cerro El Inglés. Thus, based on the species richness, endemism, diversity at higher taxonomic levels, and the number of threatened species, it seems reasonable to say that the Serranía de los Paraguas is a priority site for conservation of amphibians in Colombia.

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