The Herpetologists' League is pleased to recognize the following student members for their winning research proposals in the 2021 E.E. Williams Research Grant competition.

Behavior.—Anna Tipton, Georgia College and State University, “An integrated approach for evaluating the effects of landscape features on spatial strategies and activity patterns in snakes: Case study with timber rattlesnakes (Crotalus horridus) and roadways.”

Conservation.—Erin Allison, West Liberty University, “Evaluating the effectiveness of conservation messaging strategies in increasing positive human perceptions of rattlesnakes.”

Ecology.—Grascen Shidemantle, Binghamton University, “Impact of light at night on larval amphibian pigmentation and predator-prey interactions.”

Evolution & Diversity.—Valeria Ramírez-Castañeda, University of California, Berkeley, “Multiple toxin-resistance mechanisms in response to complex chemical defenses.”

Physiology & Functional Morphology.—Helen Plylar, Utah State University, “Neural crest involvement in peripheral growth of the trigeminal nerve and development of the pit organs in Antaresia childreni.”

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