The Baluch Mountain Frog, Chrysopaa sternosignata (Murray 1885), is one of the least known amphibian species in the Hindu Kush–Himalayan region. It is endemic to an area on the edge of the Palearctic region with harsh environment and with the long-term complicated security situation, where biodiversity research is difficult or virtually impossible. Thus, very little is known about the life history, ecology, and distribution of this frog, representing the monotypic genus Chrysopaa (Dicroglossidae). Similarly, data about the larva of this taxon are scarce. Thus, we provide the first detailed imagery and description of the larval stage of C. sternosignata (Murray 1885) from Afghanistan. One tadpole was obtained from Jabul Saraj, Charikar, Afghanistan. Morphological and genetic analysis of mitochondrial and nuclear DNA confirmed the identity of the larva as C. sternosignata. Tadpole characters were illustrated by photos. Basic measurements and details on oral apparatus provide relevant characteristics to delimit the larva of this species from other spiny frogs. This information should facilitate the identification of C. sternosignata larvae in museum collections and in the field.

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