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Publication Charges

  • Page charges – Payment of $25/page for HL members and $75/page for non-member authors. Page charges may be waived by all HL members.
  • Open Access – The cost to make an article open access is $2,000.00 for authors who are members of the Society and $2,500.00 for non-members. View the journals' open access policy.
  • Color charges – Color figures cost $400/figure, which must be paid in full before a paper can be scheduled for publication. Authors may opt to have figures printed in black and white but produced in color online at no charge.
  • Author revisions – Authors are allowed to make up to five revisions in their page proofs. If an author makes more than five revisions, they will be charged $5.00 per revision. This may include changes resulting from a copy editor’s query.
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