This paper is the first taxonomic treatment of Sumatran Philautus since the early 20th century. We redescribe P. cornutus and P. petersi from new specimens, restrict P. petersi to Great Natuna Island, and reinstate the name P. larutensis for the populations on Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, and Sumatra. We then synonymize P. similis with P. larutensis. We report Sumatran populations of P. kerangae and P. refugii, two species previously thought to be endemic to Borneo and discuss the presence of P. aurifasciatus on the island. We describe four new species of Philautus collected during large-scale herpetological surveys of Sumatra between 2013 and 2015 and propose a hypothesis of their relationship to the other Sunda Shelf Philautus on the basis of 16S ribosomal ribonucleic acid sequences. Additionally, we provide a key to the Philautus of Sumatra. In the course of this work we transfer P. vittiger from Java to the genus Chiromantis.

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