It is not often that one finds a person whose life work has been entirely concentrated on the development of an applied science of human relations. Such a one was Mary Parker Follett whose papers in the field of management are brought together in the present volume. The titles of the papers included give an indication of the range of problems considered, and their significance in the field of applied anthropology. "Constructive Conflict"; "The Giving of Orders"; "Business as in Integrative Unity"; "Power"; "How must Business Management develop in order to possess the Essentials of a Profession"; "How must Business Management develop in order to become a Profession"; "The Meaning of Responsibility in Business Management"; "The Influence of Employee Representation in a Remoulding of the Accepted Type of Business Manager"; "The Psychology of Control"; "The Psychology of Consent and Participation"; "The Psychology of Conciliation and Arbitration"; "Leader and Expert"; "Some Discrepancies in Leadership Theory and Practice"; "Individualism in a Planned Society".

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