Mr. Given, the Chairman of the Board of American Brakeshoe, in this sequel to Bottom-Up Management presents his arguments for greater efficiency of management through increased decentralization and employee responsibility based on his experience at Brakeshoe. The book contains many useful suggestions for developing effective business organization, the emphasis being on "reaching out in management," that is enabling every employee to find personal satisfaction and fulfillment in his job. But it may be said that in general the book tells what ought to be done but gives one little information on how it can be done—for example, emphasis is placed on the proper screening and placing of personnel, but we are not told how this can be accomplished nor are we told how one builds an organization in which greater responsibility is possible, other than through proper screening and selection at all levels. The book contains so many interesting and stimulating suggestions that a full and detailed description of Brakeshoe organization and its functioning would be a very valuable contribution to the literature on business organization and management.

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