A brief description of suggested solutions for each part of the case is included below. For Part 2 solutions, examples of Excel sheets showing plausible presentations of the solution are also included. Finally, Appendix A includes a grading rubric, with a suggested allocation of points and key points to consider and look for when evaluating students' performance on each required task. We also include Reel Wheel discussion slides in PowerPoint as a supplemental file.

The appropriate PCAOB standard that should be referenced by students is AS 2305: Substantive Analytical Procedures (PCAOB 2002). Although the content of students' memos will vary, the following suggested solutions identify key information from AS 2305 that should generally be mentioned in an appropriate response. Following the series of bullet points, information from the standard is quoted for instructors to reference in class discussions and/or grading activities.

AS 2305.17–19 suggest that monthly data will...

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