According to the United States Treasury Department:

The Dairy Farm money laundering scandal involved government officials of the Free State province in South Africa cooperating with the Gupta family to divert money to Gupta-owned businesses. The dairy farm was intentionally placed in a small town called Vrede, which was located in a remote and extremely impoverished area. A corporation named Estina, with links to the Guptas, was established to organize the construction of the farm, and the only director was an IT salesman without any experience in managing farms.

The Free State government initially gave $8 million to Estina, which then funneled the majority of these funds to the Gupta family. The Guptas distributed these funds and subsequent money received into various business accounts in Dubai, including Gateway Limited, Global Corporation LLC, and Accurate Investments. Accurate Investments then transferred some of this money to Linkway Trading, a SA Gupta...

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