The meeting was called to order at 10:08 a.m. (EDT) on Saturday, December 1, 2001, by President Steven Warren.

Members present—Steven F. Warren, president; Ruth A. Luckasson, president-elect; Ann P. Turnbull, vice president; Joanna L. Pierson, secretary–treasurer; Cathy Ficker Terrill, past-president; Hank A. Bersani, Jr.; Brian Clukey; David L. Coulter; Gail Davis; Sharon C. Gomez; Stanley D. Handmaker; Sr. Kathryn Jennings; Genevieve D. Pugh; Alison Alya Reeve; David A. Rotholz; Marsha M. Seltzer, Martha E. Snell; Patricia G. Williams; Mark H. Yeager. Member absent—Neil J. Ross. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser, Paul D. Aitken, Maria A. Alfaro, Bruce Appelgren, Charles J. Helman, Paula A. Hirt. Guests—Sid Blanchard, Joan Cooper, Don Miller, Susan Percy, Russell Rankin, Corry Robinson, Todd Wilson.

M/S/P (H. Bersani, S. Gomez): To accept the minutes of the Board of Directors Conference Call on November 19, 2001, with...

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