This essay was written in response to McTernan and Ward (2005), who are, respectively, president and immediate past president of the Voice of the Retarded (VOR). As parents of adults with severe developmental disabilities, their advocacy is to maintain a place in society for large institutions for people with severe or profound mental retardation.

Because VOR purports to be an advocate for people with disabilities, such as my son, I have followed their advocacy over the years. Their perspective has not matured with time, rather, it has become overburdened with references to research, state audits, media, and peer-reviewed studies. They are more concerned with what politicians and governmental agencies are doing relative to supporting or tearing down their cause than being honest with themselves.

McTernan and Ward's (2005) use of stiff and technical words, such as empirical indicators, measures, quality, and tenured, are...

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