Person-Centered Planning Made Easy, by S. Holburn, A. Gordon, and P. M. Vietze. Baltimore, MD: Brookes, 2007.

Person-centered planning can be an extraordinarily powerful process for effecting important differences in people's lives, organizational cultures, and society at large. At the same time, similar to many phenomena that are subject to implementation by the human services industry, person-centered planning has, since its inception, been subject to challenges, controversies, conflicting points of view, and deeply held opinions.

Much like this phenomenon itself, then, reviewing a book about person-centered planning can create mixed feelings. The authors of this manual are very committed to improving lives for people, are quite knowledgeable about person-centered planning, and know the difficult and challenging work it entails. Their efforts throughout several years to base person-centered planning within a thoughtful research foundation have been admirable. Given the deep commitment and extensive experience of the authors, then, the manner in...

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