Challenges in collecting comprehensive health surveillance data on people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) are numerous. A number of important issues and strategies are discussed in the articles contained in this special issue of Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. In this article, we focus on the advances and tools available in the area of technology. We explore a number of possible sources including accessing big data such as analyzing health information contained in Medicaid and Medicare health databases. We also discuss some of the possibilities afforded to us by complementing Medicaid/Medicare database information with health information available in the myriad of electronic health records. Lastly, we explore other technologies available that might yield valuable health supports and information, including wearable devices, remote supports and other smart home technologies, telehealth and telepsychiatry, as well as looking at ways to access other technologies that collect health information (e.g., glucometer, health apps, connected exercise devices, etc.).

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