Editor's Report


Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

(First Editorial Decisions)

New Manuscripts Received: 891

Editorial Decisions Made: 856

Accepted: 4 (.47%)

Accepted With Revisions: 162 (18.93%)

Not Accepted, Revisions Invited: 213 (24.88%)

Not Accepted: 477 (55.72%)

Best Comment From an Invited Consulting Editor: “I would be pleased and absolutely flat out honored to be a consulting editor. So my daughter asked, ‘How much will you get paid for this, Daddy?’”

Most Succinct Review: “This is a case report on one patient. Given that warts can regress spontaneously, an uncontrolled study of one subject is not sufficient evidence to be reported.”

Still Most Likely to Send Kind Notes to Authors of Articles Published in the Journal: Hank Mann.

Question Authors Waiting for a Decision Should Not Ask the Editorial Staff: “I realize you may not be able to answer this question, but are you able to share what the first two reviewers suggested (thumbs up, down, or in the middle)?”

Kindest Note to the Editor by a Consulting Editor: “Reviewing manuscripts for you is one of the real pleasures in my professional life.”

Nicest Reaction From a Parent to a Peer-Reviewed Article Published in the Journal: “I am so excited, I want to shout my news from the mountain tops!!!”

Article the Editor Wishes Had Been Written: “Promising Solutions to Issues of Wage Disparities for Direct Support Professionals” (idea for an article sent to the Editor by Stan Herr on August 14, 2001).

Authors Most Likely to Have Their English Questioned by American Reviewers: The British.

Most Appreciated Note From a Reader on a Reaction and Response Published in the Journal: “Love your response and support your decision to publish the reaction with an editor's response.”

Article Most Likely to Explain the Color of a Piece of Furniture in the Editor's Office: Wolf Wolfensberger's “Story of the ‘Cruickshank Chairs' at Syracuse University: A Contribution to the History of the Brain Injury Construct.”

Special Thanks: To the people who took the time to serve as guest reviewers for the journal in 2001: Len Abbeduto, Brian Abery, Andrew Autry, Kathie Bishop, Theodore Carr, Stan Cohen, Bo Fernhall, Frank Floyd, Dan Goodley, Jay Graves, Rebecca Gregg, Rob Grieg, Steve Gulley, Chris Hatton, Kathy Hulgin, Matthew Janicki, John Kregel, Nancy Kropf, Philip Lambert-Schein, Diana Lee Luxenberg, Philip McCallion, Ami Naukkarinen, Gael Orsmond, Jonathan Perry, Joanna Pierson, Fred Pinson, Steve Reiss, Joyce Ringer, Joanne Royce-Davis, Frank Rusch, Mayer Shevin, Tristram Smith, David Smukler, Clarence Sundram, David Towell, Michael West, and Barbara Wheeler.

To the National Institute on Disability and Rehabilitation Research for funding much of the research on which the Trends and Milestones feature is based.

To Bruce Appelgren for helping to bring publication of the journal into the 21st century.

To Yvette Taylor for her patience in dealing with authors.

To the Board of AAMR, Doreen Croser, and the Publications Committee for their continued support of the journal.

To Rachael Zubal, Cyndy Colavita, and Debbie Simms for their day-to-day help.

To Gunnar Dybwad and Stan Herr for their good deeds and lasting influence on the field.