Board of Directors Conference Call December 20, 2004


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:06 p.m. (EST) on Monday, December 20, 2004, by President-Elect Valerie Bradley.


Members present—David Coulter, president; Valerie Bradley, president-elect; Hank Bersani, vice president; Ann Turnbull, past president; Joan Nyala Cooper; Sharon Coutryer; Susan Foley; Richard Garnett; William Gaventa; Susan Havercamp; Robert Horner; Nancy Kirchner; Yves Lachapelle; Wendy Nehring; Tim Shriver; Wayne Silverman; Mark Yeager. Members absent—Joanna Pierson, secretary/treasurer; Liz Obermayer, presidential advisor. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser, Ana Montoulieu.


Acceptance of Minutes

V. Bradley presented the minutes.

M/S/P (H. Bersani, A. Turnbull): To accept the November 15, 2004, Board of Directors Meeting minutes.

October 2004 Financial Statements

D. Croser reported on the October financial statements and noted that there would be a surplus at the end of the year. At this point that surplus is projected to be approximately $25,000. She noted that our financial picture was currently good. S. Foley raised a question about the personnel costs from the RADAR grant. D. Croser said that these costs were a carryover from the close of that grant and that this line will be deleted in future years.

M/S/P (J. Cooper, S. Coutryer): To accept the October financial statement.

2005 Summit Fiscal Agent

D. Croser reported on AAMR's history in assuming this role for other joint functions and the process for assuring protection against liability for AAMR.


The AAMR will serve as the Fiscal Agent for the 2005 Summit and the AAMR Board of Directors, hereby authorizes, and the Association will establish, a restricted fund for the sole purpose of receiving monies and paying expenses in support of the 2005 Summit of the Alliance for Full Participation.

M/S/P (H. Bersani, R. Garnett): To endorse the 2005 Summit Fiscal Agent motion.

AAMR Position Statement on Aversive Procedures With Recommended Changes

R. Horner presented the current version of this position statement, which includes input from D. Croser and A. Turnbull. Specifically, changes have been made to define behavior support and to describe the relationship of aversives to individual lifestyle goals and lifelong learning goals. One editorial change was suggested to remove the words “or promote integration of persons with mental retardation” from the second to the last line in the next to last paragraph due to redundancy. R. Horner reminded Board members that aversives really mean anything that an individual would choose to avoid. D. Coulter congratulated him and noted that the original position statement from 1990 has “stood the test of time” and that this revised version continues to be very well-stated. D. Croser noted that the position statement would have a 2005 date and would be placed on the AAMR web page after the first of the year.

M/S/P (R. Horner, S. Foley): To accept the AAMR Position Statement on Aversive Procedures with recommended changes.

Strategic Plan

H. Bersani reported that the strategic plan has been revised to reflect past accomplishments and future objectives. He will send out this revised plan to Board members within the next week.

Guidelines for Reviewing Research Highlights

W. Silverman reported on the statement that he had developed with some assistance by W. Nehring that was previously e-mailed to Board members. In short, research highlights should be reviewed by a Board member with expertise in that area if the report (a) has direct or immediate implications for diagnosis, treatment, or prevention; (b) promotes a product; (c) identifies a danger/risk to consumers, or (d) just seems too good to be true. D. Coulter stated that no vote was needed as this would be an internal process.

Montreal Declaration on Intellectual Disabilities

V. Bradley and Y. Lachapelle discussed this declaration statement on the rights of individuals with intellectual disabilities that was presented at the Montreal Conference of the Americas in October 2004. Discussion ensued on what issues might be controversial about this statement. Those issues discussed were (a) the controversy between practices in developed versus undeveloped countries, (b) surrogate decision-makers, and (c) rights for individuals with severe disabilities. T, Shriver also mentioned that we should investigate how it was used in Sweden over a dispute with a case involving Special Olympics. It was decided that this declaration would be described in the next issue of FYI due out at the beginning of January for all members to read. The members would then be invited to send comments to Board members for further discussion at the Mid-Winter Leadership Meeting.

MidWinter Leadership Meeting Agenda

D. Coulter presented the preliminary agenda for the MidWinter Leadership Meeting at the end of January 2005. He noted that questions on the content, process, and structure of the meeting's main topics will be distributed to the leadership ahead of the meeting for consideration. There was some discussion on the social event for the Friday evening of the meeting period.

Conference of Professional Interests

M. Yeager had to leave the meeting early, so there was no report.

Assembly of Geographic Interests

S. Coutryer told Board members that discussion in needed on how the transition to the new organization plan would occur, should it be approved by the AAMR membership.

New Business

ARC, UCP, and AAMR Legislative Goals Statement

D. Coulter discussed the new Legislative Goals for 2005. He stated that he did not think that Congress would support many of our issues. S. Foley stated that she thought that Congress might support some of the workforce issues. Board members discussed the need for someone to assist state efforts in supporting either state and/or federal legislation. V. Bradley said that she would be willing to consult with any state chapter.

Holiday Day for Staff

D. Coulter brought to the Board members a motion to grant the AAMR personnel one extra day of holiday leave for their contributions to the Association.

M/S/P (D. Coulter, V. Bradley): To support an extra day of Holiday leave for the AAMR personnel.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:18 p.m. (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

Wendy M. Nehring, RN, PhD, FAAN, FAAMR

Board Member at-Large

Board of Directors Minutes January 30, 2005


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 8:14 a.m. (EST) on Sunday, January 30, 2005, by President David Coulter.


Members present—David Coulter, president; Valerie Bradley, president-elect; Hank Bersani, vice president; Joanna Pierson, secretary/treasurer; Ann Turnbull, past president; Joan Nyala Cooper; Sharon Coutryer; Richard Garnett; William Gaventa; Susan Havercamp; Nancy Kirchner; Yves Lachapelle; Wendy Nehring; Wayne Silverman; Mark Yeager. Members absent—Susan Foley, Robert Horner, Liz Obermayer, Neil Ross, Timothy Shriver. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser, Paul Aitken, Maria Alfaro, Bruce Appelgren, Michele Gagnon, Ana Montoulieu. Guests—Hal Baker, Sharon Gomez, Gretchen Holtzinger, Chris Nadelbach, David Rotholz, Warren Zigman.


Rescheduling of February Board of Directors Conference Call

The call was rescheduled to March 7. Both Nancy Kirchner and Joanna Pierson said they would be unable to participate. Sharon Coutryer said she would take minutes for this call.

Acceptance of Minutes

J. Pierson presented the minutes. She thanked Wendy Nehring for taking the December Board of Directors Minutes.

M/S/P (W. Gaventa, N. Kirchner): To accept the December 20, 2004, Board of Directors conference call minutes.

November 2004 Financial Statements

J. Pierson reported that the Association will end the year with a larger surplus than expected, $91,000 in operating funds and $161,000 when donations and interest and dividends are included in revenue totals. The AAMR also borrowed less money than had been expected when the budget was developed last year. Publications, journal subscription, and training revenues have increased when compared to 2003 while membership revenues have decreased slightly.

2005 Budget

J. Pierson explained the 2005 proposed budget. She noted that it is a conservative budget in terms of its projections but still assumes that SIS will be adopted by a couple of states. She explained that the budget includes no revenues from the RADAR grant, which ended last year; no revenues from an annual conference; no significant new publications; and that the staff are overloaded due to the current demands on their time and their small numbers. The budget does include a raise for staff. When management and general revenues and expenditures are spread across the various services, education and training has a small surplus, publications has a surplus of $231,000, and membership has a deficit of $211,000. However, the journal subscriptions require the numbers generated by member subscriptions, so this actually is not the problem that it appears to be. She recommended that the budget be adopted.

M/S/P (H. Bersani, M. Yeager): To accept the proposed 2005 budget.

J. Pierson stated that the rebates to Divisions and Special Interest Groups had been voted on by the Board of Directors in the fall and they recommended that the rebates to Regions and Chapters be approved now. These would be considered 2004 monies and not impact the 2005 budget.

M/S/P (M. Yeager, H. Bersani): To restore the rebate from 2004 monies to regions and chapters.

Nominations and Elections Committee Report

A. Turnbull announced the election results. The bylaws passed with a 90% approval by the membership. The election results are as follows: David Rotholz, Vice President; Sharon Gomez and Mark Yeager, Board of Directors; Diane Morin, Canadian Board Member-at-Large; Dan Davies, Chair and Yves Lachapelle, Vice Chair, Technology Special Interest Group; Kelley Peters, President-Elect, Legal Process and Advocacy Division; and Lee Barks, President-Elect, Nursing Division.

Awards and Fellowship Committee Report

W. Zigman presented the recommendations of the committee for fellows and the decisions on awards recipients. The Board thanked and acknowledged the committee's work.

M/S/P (V. Bradley, H. Bersani): To approve as presented by the Awards and Fellowship Committee the following individuals as AAMR Fellows: Donald B. Bailey, Jr., Charlotte M. Kimmel, Johannes R. Rojahn, and Mark J. Tassé.

2005 Summit

V. Bradley reported that AAMR has September 21 available the day before to conduct the Association's business. This is the day before the Summit begins. She will convene a conference call with W. Silverman, S. Havercamp, W. Gaventa, and S. Gomez to plan this day. It will include the Presidential Address, Awards Ceremony, a business meeting, an open forum, a forum for individuals and groups to coalesce around committees of interest, and Assembly and Conference meetings. There will be a Board of Directors meeting in the evening of September 20.

2006 Montreal Annual Meeting

Y. Lachapelle reported that the conference location is the Fairmont Elizabeth, which has room for expansion if needed. There will be at least eight different topic tracks (e.g., rights and ethics). He is forming committees to work on each topic track. There will be information on Montreal at the 2005 Summit.

Power of One Campaign

The Board expressed appreciation for W. Gavanta's efforts on the Power of One Campaign and discussed ways for the campaign to move forward this next year, targeting the money to a specific effort. It was decided to link the Campaign to expanding membership for students by asking members to pay for a particular student's membership or donate money to pay for a student's membership and AAMR will locate a student. There will be a box to check on the Montreal Conference registration form to donate money to support a student. Students who present papers at the conference could receive financial support. Chapters will be encouraged to support a student member. W. Gaventa, S. Havercamp, and S. Gomez will design the specifics. They will design a letter to the membership on the Power of One Campaign for this year. W. Silverman will work with the committee to define a review process to decide which students get scholarships as well as the amounts of these scholarships.

Montreal Declaration of the Americas on Developmental Disabilities

V. Bradley commented that the declaration has been posted on the website. We will forward AAMR's endorsement to the group that initiated the declaration. There will be an announcement to membership on the support for the declaration.

M/S/P (V. Bradley, H. Bersani): To endorse the Montreal Declaration of the Americas on Developmental Disabilities.

Fact Sheets

The Board discussed the Fact Sheet on Aging. Other fact sheets are in process. This particular fact sheet is important now because of the White House Conference on Aging to be held this year. The AAMR will present the fact sheet to this group. Fact sheets currently appear as frequently asked questions on the AAMR website.

M/S/P (M. Yeager, V. Bradley): To approve the Fact Sheet on Aging.

Conference of Professional Interests

There were many questions about how the transitional process to the new structure will occur, specifically in terms of monies and logistics. There is a need for rapid communications and decisions, particularly in terms of Board approval of plans. V. Bradley, H. Bersani, M. Yeager, and W. Nehring will convene a committee to figure out the process and related paperwork.

Assembly of Geographic Interests

N. Kirchner reported that people were concerned about the timing of needing to get the plan in and approved by July 1. Chapters and Regions already have completed a report. They asked for direction in what they need to do to continue operating. They would like quick communication on this. A listserv is planned for the Assembly.

Hurricane Relief Update

R. Garnett again expressed his appreciation to AAMR members for their support of the Florida hurricane relief efforts, which were coordinated through The Arc of Florida. AAMR members have donated to this based on his appeal through the e-mail network.


The meeting was adjourned at 11:59 am. (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna Pierson, PhD, FAAMR