Board of Directors Meeting Minutes July 21, 2008

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, July 21, 2008 by President Steve Eidelman.


Members present—Steve Eidelman, President; Joanna Pierson, President Elect; David Rotholz, Immediate Past President; Sharon Gomez; Karrie Shogren; Sandra Friedman; Marc Tassé. Members absent—Jim Gardner; Mike Wehmeyer. Invited guests—Nancy Ward. National Staff Present— M. Doreen Croser; Maria Alfaro

Association Business

President's Comments on the upcoming year:Steve Eidelman commented that we would endeavor to raise some money for early career professional activities.

Acceptance of Minutes

Joanna Pierson presented the minutes from the last Board of Directors meeting.

M/S/P (Pierson/Rotholz): Unanimously, to accept the corrected minutes from the June 16, 2008 Board of Directors meeting.

May 2008 Financial Report

Doreen Croser presented the May 2008 Financial report: There is a positive change since last report of $130,000.00. Overall our expenses are higher but our revenues are higher so the bottom line is positive. A new membership campaign will be coming out focusing on Early Career Professionals.

Board of Directors Meeting Schedule

Change time to noon EST.

Committee Appointments and Board Liaison Assignments

Sandy Friedman will be the Board Liaison to the Awards and Fellowship Committee. Dick Jacobs will serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee. Susan Copeland will serve on the Nominations and Elections Committee. Mark Yeager and Roger Stancliffe will serve on the Awards and Fellowship Committee.

2009 Conference Planning

Joanna Pierson reported that the conference will be the same number of days and sessions as the 2008 conference. The Workshops will be the day after rather than the day before the conference. The conference will offer opportunities for early career professionals to meet senior leadership in the field. The conference will introduce the idea of Interactive Cafes. There will be two Interactive Cafes after each Plenary Session. There will be a place for Roundtables in the Interactive Cafes to meet senior leaders. The Poster Sessions will be in with the Interactive Cafes. There will be an opportunity for people to do a two minute video as part of the posters and there will be several vendors at each topical Cafe. At the end of the first day there will be a time for action planning. There will be sessions for the Academy. The conference will be in New Orleans at the Ritz-Carlton Hotel.

Mid-Winter Leadership Meeting Discussion

The Mid Winter Leadership Meeting will be December 5–7, 2008 at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore, MD. The meeting participants will be the Board of Directors, National Office Staff and some other invited key leaders of the Association. Possible topics include Membership, current structure, What after SIS, What we want to be as an Association, Where are we going as an Association, and The Strategic Plan. Board Members were asked to send Steve Eidelman ideas about a facilitator.

Activities Update

Doreen Croser reported she signed the lease on our new office space at 501 Third Street, NW, Suite 200, Washington DC. The cost of our offices will be $46 a sq.ft. and the new lease is for 10 years. We will be moving into our new headquarters in January 2009 (probably over the MLK Holiday weekend). She has been recruiting for a Director of Professional Education Services. To date, there have been too few qualified candidates to conduct interviews. The search has been expanded and extended. The job description is on our web site. Laura Abulafia, our Environmental Health Project Director will be working primarily from the West Coast for the remainder of the year (she will be back in DC for a week each month). We will be approaching the John Merck Fund to secure additional monies for the project. Our goal would be to expand the public policy aspects of the project here in DC, while having Laura continue the education and training aspects of the project on a part time basis after the first of the year. Hopefully, Merck will be amenable, but if not, we will be recruiting for a new DC-based Project Director. Angela Rapp Kennedy will be resigning as the SIS Program Director. Angela and her husband are planning on moving to Idaho to manage a Christian camp and her resignation will be effective at the end of August. We are now seeking a suitable replacement. The Web Project is moving slowly ahead. The design and structure have been finalized and we are now in the process of moving relevant content from the old web site to the new one. We have also been working with Go Lightly, our social networking vendor, to set up the communications networks so they will be ready to “go live” when the site is unveiled. It is her hope that this entire job will be completed by the end of August or very shortly thereafter. The Alliance (AFP) continues to meet in preparation for another Summit event, which will focus on employment in the fall of 2011. AAIDD will have to decide what we can do to advance the employment agenda within our Association. Each organization will have to commit to activities in preparation for the Summit. At the very least, perhaps we should organize an Employment Action Group. Doreen participated in the 3rd Annual CDC National Leaders Meeting with Dr. Gerberding and approximately 150 public health officers, association leaders, state governor representatives, national foundation representatives, and big business community leaders. With a meeting entitled “Creating a Healthiest Nation,” the agenda focused on reforming our current health system from one which manages and treats disease and disability to improving overall health through disease prevention, wellness and health promotion activities. The factual information presented was really quite sobering and made a strong case for dramatically changing our health system. Unfortunately, this important initiative was unveiled as the current Administration is drawing to a close so the overall impact and continued interest is in serious question. On the positive side, however, there is a growing demand for health care reform in this country and a new administration may provide real impetus for change. Board members may also be interested to know that there was considerable discussion at the CDC meeting over the connection between the environment and health. This is an area that we have been working on for several years now and we are doing our part in “connecting the dots” among environmental toxicants, disability prevention and health promotion. Additionally, since one of our AAIDD priority areas is health and it would be a good time to get our health and wellness Action Group more visible on the issues. Our membership stands at 3,862. At the end of 2007 our membership was 4,297 so you can see that we have to recruit 435 more members if membership is to remain stable in 2008. Our next member recruitment campaign will focus on early career professionals and we will be working with AUCD on this initiative. We are trying to negotiate a final contract with the New Orleans Ritz Carlton for our 2009 Convention. Assuming we are successful in our negotiations, the meeting will be held on Tuesday, June 9th through Friday June 12th. The Board of Directors will meet on Monday evening June 8th from 5–8 pm. The full program days are Wednesday and Thursday. Our Environmental Health Initiative is in its 5th year and the project Advisory Board and the John Merck Fund would like to have a retreat to discuss the State-of-the-Science, progress-to-date and plans for the foreseeable future. Accordingly, we will be having an invitational retreat for about 40 people at the Airlie Center in Warrenton, Virginia on December 11–13, 2009. The John Merck Fund has funded this retreat.

National Forum on Disability Issues

Steve Eidelman announced that there will be a National Forum on Disability Issues and Essie Pedersen and Tia Nellis will represent AAIDD.

Humanist Action Group Report

The Humanist Action Group Annual Report was presented to the Board. Mike Wehmeyer will provide feedback to the group and ask them to clarify/specify their activities for the coming year.

ArcUS and AAIDD Position Statement Project Update

Karrie Shogren reported that the ArcUS is still collecting feedback from its chapters on the position statements.

AUCD and AAIDD Teleconference Project

Karrie Shogren reported that there will be four Teleconference and Webinar Projects over the upcoming academic year. The Young Professionals Group has also been invited to do a session at the AUCD Annual Meeting and it will focus on how organizational membership contributes to people's careers.

M/S/P (Rotholz/Gomez): Motion to adjourn. The meeting adjourned at 2:00 pm (EDT)

Respectfully submitted,

Sharon Gomez


Meeting Minutes August 18, 2008

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, August 18, 2008 by President Steve Eidelman.


Members present—Steve Eidelman, President; Joanna Pierson, President Elect; Michael Wehmeyer, Vice President; Jim Gardner, Secretary/ Treasurer; David Rotholz, Immediate Past President; Sandra Friedman; Sharon Gomez; Karrie Shogren;

Marc Tassé. Invited Guests—Nancy Ward; National Staff Present—M. Doreen Croser

Association Business

Acceptance of Minutes

James Gardner presented the minutes from the last Board of Directors meeting.

M/S/P (Rotholz/Friedman): Unanimously, to accept the minutes from the July 21, 2008 Board of Directors meeting.

Statement of Support and Solidarity

The Board Members discussed the Statement of Support and Solidarity affirming the imperatives of community inclusion, social justice, and the portrayal of individuals with intellectual disabilities in response to the language, and images of people presented in the movie Tropic Thunder.

M/S/P (Gardner/Rotholz): Unanimously, to adopt and disseminate the Statement of Support and Solidarity.

2010 Conference

Michael Wehmeyer reported on preliminary consideration of Austin, TX, Minneapolis, MN and Providence, RI as possible sites for the 2010 conference.

Mid-Winter Meeting

Board members discussed the anticipated outcomes from the Mid-Winter meeting and the format that would facilitate those outcomes. The consensus of the group was to conduct a Board of Directors Retreat with invitations extended to additional participants; to hold the meeting at the Maritime Institute at BWI Airport; to conduct the meeting on November 5th from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm and on November 6th from 9:00 am to 3:00 pm. Jim Gardner will draft a set of preliminary questions to guide the meeting.

Position Statement

Michael Wehmeyer presented The Arc/AAIDD joint position statements

M/S/P (Gardner/Gomez): Unanimously to accept the position statements as submitted. The Board extended its thanks to Wehmeyer and Karrie Shogren for their leadership on the position statement initiative.

Strategic Plan

Joanna Pierson indicated that the Strategic Plan had entered the implementation phase. Michael Wehmeyer would now assume the leadership for strategic planning and he indicated that he would be contacting Board members, staff, and volunteers to discuss roles and responsibilities.

National Voters Forum

Essie Pederson and Tia Nelis represented AAIDD at the meeting in Ohio. Over 80 sponsoring organizations participated in the event.

Summary of the 2008 Annual Meeting Survey

Michael Wehmeyer reviewed the results of the 2008 Annual Meeting Survey. Joanna Pierson will incorporate findings and recommendation in the planning for the 2009 Annual Meeting

The meeting adjourned at 12:53 P.M. (EDT).

Respectfully submitted

James Gardner