Board of Directors Meeting Minutes September 15, 2008

Call to order

The meeting was called to order at 12:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, September 15, 2008 by President Elect Joanna Pierson.


Members present—Joanna Pierson, President Elect; Michael Wehmeyer, Vice President; Jim Gardner, Secretary/Treasurer; David Rotholz, Immediate Past President; Sandra Friedman; Sharon Gomez; Karrie Shogren; Marc Tassé, Members Absent: Steven Eidelman; Nancy Ward. National Staff Present: M. Doreen Croser; Maria Alfaro

Association Business

Acceptance of Minutes

James Gardner presented the minutes from the last Board of Directors meeting.

M/S/P (Rotholz/Gomez): Unanimously, to accept the minutes from the August 18, 2008 Board of Directors meeting.

Financial Report

James Gardner presented the financial report for the period ending July 31, 2008. The Balance Sheet indicates a total fund balance increase of $227,274 over the same period last year. The total fund balance stands at $2,099,751 on July 31, 2008. Cash projections through December of 2008 are strong and consistent with patterns in 2006 and 2007. The July 31, 2008 Profit and Loss Statement was discussed and the important of SIS related income was acknowledged. Revised budget projections through December 31, 2008 suggest a break even budget or a small loss of $10,000.

Assembly Board Representative

Joanna Pierson indicated that she would confer with Steve Eidelman about the Assembly Board Representative.

Association Activities Update

Doreen Croser briefed Board members on the status of personnel changes within the Association. Croser also discussed health related initiatives. These included (1) a joint initiative with the National Association on the Dually Diagnosed – Healthy Choices for Healthy Lives – that would include an on-line web page; (2) three new pamphlets for expecting mothers; and (3) an Environmental Health Initiative retreat scheduled for December 11–12, 2008 that will include participants from the public health community, federal public policy representatives and members from the disability community. Croser also noted the expansion in SIS activities in Rhode Island, Wyoming, Oregon, Maryland, and Florida. A SIS national training session will be held on November 5–7, 2008 at the Maritime Institute in Baltimore. Association membership is down slightly from last year at this time, but projections indicate a slight gain in members by the end of the year.

Additional New Business

Michael Wehmeyer noted the join planning activities with Division 33 of the American Psychological Association. Discussions are underway concerning a possible research conference and a think-tank session that could be held prior to an AAIDD meeting. The issue will be discussed further in conjunction with the upcoming AUCD meeting.

Mid-Winter Leadership Meeting

Doreen Croser reviewed the plans for the Mid-winter Leadership meeting. Elizabeth Vasquez will facilitate the meeting and will be contacting Board members prior to the meeting. Board Members discussed the list of potential participants for the meeting.

AAIDD/AUCD Cooperative Agreement Initiative

Karrie Shogren summarized the joint initiatives: (1) a second joint webinar; (2) a joint presentation at the AUCD annual meeting; and (3) the possible creation of a joint website.

2009 New Orleans Convention

Joanna Pierson discussed the preliminary draft for a call for papers. Board members suggested additional content focused on families and children and conference features that would encourage attendance by students and young professionals. Pierson acknowledged the suggestions and noted that the meeting would also be advertised as a conference as well as the Association's annual meeting.

2010 Convention

Michael Wehmeyer discussed options for the 2010 convention. Board members agreed on a location of Providence, Rhode Island during the first week in June of 2010.

The meeting adjourned at 12:56 pm (EDT)

Respectfully submitted,

James Gardner