Mortality among people with developmental disabilities was reviewed using recent data obtained from the California Department of Developmental Services. The time interval for this report was 1991–1995. We defined two study cohorts: one beginning in January 1991 and a second in April 1993. The latter period represented the years of implementation of the Coffelt settlement. Our primary interest was in the Coffelt period cohort. Statistically significant association with increased rates of mortality was found for community residence. A trend of declining mortality was noted for the community facilities from 1991–1995, but not for the developmental centers.

Both authors have a consultative relationship with the California Department of Developmental Services and Columbus Medical Services. The opinions expressed herein, however, do not represent the position of either agency but are those of the authors alone. Appreciation is expressed to Ron Huff, Roberta Marlowe, and other Department staff for their assistance.

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