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In the October 2000 issue of Mental Retardation (Vol. 38) in the article "Looking Backward, Looking Forward: Mental Retardation and the Question of Equality in theNew Millennium," by J. David Smith, on pp. 458-459, the following statements appeared: Nobel geneticist Simi Linton (1998) has called for a conceptualization of humanity, inclusive of both those with disabilities and those without disabilities, as part of an integrated universe of people. A key to this social formulation is an understanding of the complimentarity, interdependence, and equality of people with differences. Commenting on the work of another Nobel geneticist, Barbara McClintock, Linton wrote, "If something doesn't fit, there's a reason, and you find what it is. Rather than overlook difference, for instance, by naming an exception, an aberration, a contaminant, she worked to understand its place and function" (p. 120). Simi Linton, a psychologist, was inadvertently identified as a Nobel geneticist. We apologize for the error.