Board of Directors MeetingDecember 8–10, 2000, Washington, DC


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 3:05 (EST) on Friday, December 8, 2000, by President Cathy Ficker Terrill at the Washington Court Hotel, Washington, DC.


Members present— Cathy Ficker Terrill, president; Steven F. Warren, president-elect; Marcia B. Bryan, secretary-treasurer; Bernard R. Wagner, past president; Henry A. Bersani, Jr.; Gail Davis; Regina Farrer; Sharon C. Gomez; Virgil L. Hobbs; Sister Kathryn Jennings; David M. Mank; Joanna L. Pierson; Genevieve D. Pugh; Cordelia C. Robinson; David A. Rotholz; Eleanor B. Wright. Members absent—Ruth Luckasson, vice-president; Joseph P. Meadours; Marsha M. Seltzer. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser, Paul D. Aitken, Maria A. Alfaro, Charles J. Helman. Guests— Patricia Williams, Alya Reeve

M/S/P (V. Hobbs, H. Bersani): To accept the minutes of the November 20, 2000, meeting of the Board of Directors with corrections to S. Warren's title and the spelling of D. Rotholz's name.

Officer Reports

President: C. Ficker Terrill suggested that the Board consider having the past president's role include assistance in fund-raising and grant solicitation.

President–Elect: S. Warren summarized the Annual Meeting program, which includes two plenary sessions, eight interdisciplinary sessions, two large poster sessions, an elegant Awards Reception following the presentation of the Awards, and special events to celebrate the 125th Anniversary of the Association.

Secretary-Treasurer: M. Bryan reported continuing to work on revisions to the Investment Policy, which will be presented to the Board for consideration in May 2001.

Executive Director: D. Croser gave the State of the Association report, noting the following: In the Publications area, 220,000 book marketing pieces have been mailed in 2000, resulting in a 10% increase in sales. Membership is up slightly—over 7500—with the web page attracting the largest number of new members. Collaborative activities continue with the Coalition on Quality in Developmental Disabilities, the Consortium for Citizens With Disabilities, and the second annual AAMR/ARC Governmental Affairs—Policy and Forum will be held on April 28–May 1, 2001. During the joint session with the Assembly of Regions, Chapter presidents and the Conference of Divisions, presentations on several new AAMR initiatives were shared: Career Connections, electronic publishing, 125th Anniversary Celebration, and RADAR (Focused Research & Reporting on Critical DD Issues).

Committee Reports

Nominations & Elections: B. Wagner reported that membership participation in the election increased 4% over 1999, resulting in the following selections: Vice-President: Ann P. Turnbull; Secretary-Treasurer: Joanna L. Pierson; Board Members at Large: David Coulter, Genevieve Pugh, and Marti Snell.

M/S/P To approve the recommendations of the Nominations & Elections Committee for membership on standing committees:

Awards and Fellowship: William C. Gaventa and Marty Wyngaarden Krauss; Finance: Stephen E. Jones and Michael R. Dillon; Health Promotion and Prevention: Wendy M. Nehring and Alya Reeves; International Activities: Irina Paraschiv and Farouk Sadek; Legal and Social Issues: Joan O'Sullivan and Patricia G. Williams; Publications: Cordelia C. Robinson and Rick A. Rader.

M/S/P (S. Warren, B. Wagner): To award Fellow status to four applicants considered by the Awards and Fellowship Committee.

Selection for 2001 Awards include: Education: Marvin G. Fifield; Full Community Inclusion: Neighbours, Inc.; Dybwad Humanitarian: Celia S. Feinstein; Leadership: Robert M. Gettings; Media: Katherine Boo (Washington Post), Mitchell Zuckoff (Boston Globe); Research: Donald M. Baer; Service: Colleen Wieck; Special Award: Robert E. Cooke and Clarence J. Sundram; Student Award: Susan Parish.

Legal and Social Issues

M/S/P (G. Pugh, S. Gomez): As amended to reflect an international application to approve the “Spirituality and Religious Freedom” Policy.

M/S/P (G. Pugh, H. Bersani): As amended with clarifying language, to approve the “Employment” Policy.

By consensus, the Board affirmed the procedures proposed by the committee to be used in the review and revision of AAMR policies with the recommendations that international references/applications be considered for inclusion wherever appropriate, and projected date for review of each policy be indicated. By consensus, the Board recommended that the Committee continue with revision of Health Services and Communication, then proceed with Recruiting/Training/Retaining Personnel, Older Americans, and Education policies. The Board commended the committee for its dedicated work.

International Activities Committee: This committee it is planning an international symposium as part of the 125th Annual Meeting in Denver.

Publications Committee: Liaison H. Bersani reported on the successfully resolved concerns in three of four areas. The Committee will be exploring methods to improve on the fourth area: continuity within the Committee.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

SIGN Implementation Committee

M/S/P (S. Warren, B. Wagner): To accept recommendations for changes presented by J. Pierson from the Conference of Divisions and Assembly of Regions in the SIGN Implementation Committee's proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-Laws. The changes either amend language with more current terminology or make technical changes for internal consistency.

M/S/P (G. Pugh, S. Warren): To accept the recommendation from the Conference of Divisions that By-Law VIII-A-3 be amended to change the name of the “Committee on Prevention” to the “Committee on Health Promotion and Prevention” and that the charge of the committee be amended with the addition of the phrase “which may enhance the health and wellness of persons with mental retardation and/or accomplish the reduction.”

Consortium on Language, Image & Public Education: Progress has been made on the research of the definitional issues as well as on the issue of a public image campaign.

Membership Development: Activities were described, especially in the organization of student chapters. Special activities to capitalize on the 125th Anniversary include the “Every Member Get a Member” campaign. with a variety of prizes for members who recruit significant numbers of new members.

Self-Advocacy: J. Pierson provided a report, including a draft of a manual for conference-related topics, such as guidelines for self-advocates who are speakers and for hotel personnel. The Board complimented committee members for their work.

Supports Assessment Instrument: D. Rotholz discussed the progress that has been made. Pilot testing is scheduled for Spring 2001, with preliminary results presented the 125th Annual Meeting.

Terminology and Classification: Committee member A. Reeve noted that progress toward a 2002 publication of 10th edition is on target. Both open and closed committee meetings are scheduled during the Annual Meeting.

Report of the Assembly of Regions

The Assembly of Regions approved the proposed modifications to the Association Constitution and By-Laws and identified areas in the Strategic Action Plan where state and regional activities can reinforce the national goals.

Report of the Conference of Division

Members of the Conference reported that they had implemented some new procedures in Annual Meeting planning, including the use of the list servers to exchange presentation submissions and a review of the preliminary program to identify and eliminate conflicts in scheduling of sessions. They also welcomed the expanded role of the Conference in carrying out portions of the Strategic Action Plan.

New Business

D. Mank summarized the exploration discussions on potential joint activities between AAMR and AAUAP. The following areas of potential collaboration have been identified: Increased use of the AAMR publications program by AAUAP to expand access to current research; improved coordination of AAUAP national priority project dissemination among other stakeholders, such as AAMR; collaboration via a joint ad hoc committee on an issue such as the Human Genome Project.

AAMR Action Plan 2001–2003: Suggestions for revisions and additions to the Plan from the joint session of the Assembly, the Conference, and the Board were considered. The Board's changes will be incorporated into the Action Plan by Vice-President R. Luckasson and returned to the Board for adoption. The concept of a Leadership Institute (part of the Strategic Action Plan) was discussed, including the target audience within the field, content, links with CEU programs, methods to keep the leadership network alive and growing, and partnerships with UAPs and other groups with similar missions.

Old Business

M/S/P (M. Bryan, H. Bersani): To reaffirm the participation AAMR as amicus in the continuing case of Johnny Paul Penry. Patricia Williams updated the Board on timelines and activities leading to oral arguments before the United States Supreme Court.


The meeting adjourned at 10 a.m. EST.

Respectfully submitted,

Marcia B. Bryan, EdD, FAAMR