Board of Directors Meeting June 1, 2001, Denver, Colorado


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 5:05 p.m. (MDT) on Friday, June 1, 2001, by President Steven Warren.


Members Present—Steven F. Warren, president; Ruth A. Luckasson, president-elect; Ann P. Turnbull, vice-president; Joanna L. Pierson, Secretary–Treasurer; Cathy Ficker Terrill, past-president; Hank A. Bersani, Jr., Brian M. Clukey; David L. Coulter, Sharon C. Gomez; Stanley D. Handmaker; Sr. Kathryn Jennings; Genevieve D. Pugh; Alison Alya Reeve; David A. Rotholz; Martha E. Snell; Patricia G. Williams. Members absent—Gail Davis, Neil J. Ross, Marsha M. Seltzer, Mark Yeager. National staff present: M. Doreen Croser, Paul D. Aitken, Maria A. Alfaro, Bruce Appelgren, Charles J. Helman, Paula A. Hirt, Betty C. Margallo, Ana M. Montoulieu, Glorious A. Pitt, Yvette Taylor, Malene S. Ward.

M/S/P (Gomez, Bersani): To accept the minutes of the May 29–30, 2001, meeting of the Board of Directors.

Officer's Reports

President: Steven Warren thanked the staff for their extraordinary efforts on behalf of AAMR. He noted that the board meeting schedule through December has been distributed to all board members. Most meetings are by conference call, but there are two opportunities for face-to-face meetings per year. Board members are asked to serve as liaisons to committees. If there is particular committee that a board member wants to serve as liaison for, then he or she should notify Steven Warren within the next week.

Past-President: C. Ficker Terrill reviewed the responsibilities of Board members. These include giving of time and resources, locating other assistance, underwriting activities of the Association, and sharing their expertise. In addition, bringing data and discussing, and then voting, on board items is part of the role. After the vote, it is the responsibly of Board members to support decisions of the Board. Board confidentiality is important in terms of having open discussions. The Board needs to spend 60% of its time looking to the future.

President-Elect: R. Luckasson reported that the Orlando conference planning would start the next morning at the Conference of Divisions meeting. A Core Convention Planning Team is being organized to focus on both short- and long-term changes in the conference and the planning process for it.

Vice-President: A. Turnbull reported that she will be taking over leading the strategic plan.

Secretary–Treasurer: J. Pierson reported that the Finance Committee voted to accept the audit of last year's finances. On an annual basis, the Board needs to vote on who will handle the investment portfolio of AAMR.

Executive Director: D. Croser presented a chart of conference attendance for the last few years. As with other national groups, the attendance has been lower than the traditional high totals of earlier decades. Sponsorships were off as well. There was discussion of ideas for creating a very successful conference in Orlando next year.

M/S/P (Finance Committee, Ficker Terrill): To continue with Michael Levine with Legg Mason. The investment portfolio has done well when compared with other investments.

Report from the Conference of Divisions

David Rotholz reported for the Conference of Divisions. The Conference has a working draft of the Leadership Manual for the Conference of Professional Interests. It may require some revision based on the recommendations of the Special Interest Groups. The Conference gave approval for proceeding with the Consumers Guide for Professional Services. This guide will be of practical benefit to people seeking professional services. The format guidelines will be finalized and sent to Divisions and SIGs to complete with specific information related to areas of professional interest. The Conference is taking steps concerning the inactive Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy Division. Various options are being considered including a proposal from the Nutrition and Dietetics Division to merge with the OT and PT Division.

Committee Reports

Publications: This committee complimented the electronic publishing that the organization has undertaken this past year and noted that the journals are easy to locate on the website with its current redesign. David Braddock will stay in his editorial position at least through next year.

LASI: This committee held an open forum at the conference. They reviewed the AAMR and The Arc joint position statements process that has begun. Communication, early intervention, and recruitment and retention of direct care staff are the AAMR position statements slated for review this year. They are looking at the future process for developing position statements that are either jointly held with The Arc or are only created by AAMR.

M/S/P (Reeve, Gomez): To accept Caroline Everington and Richard Garnett to fill vacancies on LASI because Patricia Williams and Martha Snell now serve on the Board of Directors.

Ad Hoc Committee Reports

Classification and Terminology: This committee will meet in the fall to continue the discussions they had at this conference.

AJMR Editor Selection Committee

M/S/P (Selection Committee, Rotholz): To appoint William MacLean as Editor of AJMR.

Cathy Ficker Terrill reported that there were excellent candidates for the position. The current editor will stay on for 6 months of transition. The new appointment starts immediately. The new editor's first issue will be January 2002.

SIGN Implementation: This committee held an open forum at the conference. B. Wagner chaired a meeting of the Special Interest Group chairs to discuss what they felt should be their role in the Association. Their recommendations were discussed with the Conference of Divisions. The committee expects to have a final report for the Board at the mid-winter meeting.

Support Intensity Assessment: For the past 2 years, this committee has been working on a publication measuring the intensity of needed supports. The product will consist of a manual and a form, which can be used for individual service planning and determining the level of funding for supports. It is currently being tested in nine states and one site in Canada. The tool looks excellent so far, but more data are needed from the sites. The committee would like to publish in a coordinated fashion with the Terminology and Classification Committee. AAMR needs to examine the various options and decide who will publish this instrument and how it will be published and distributed. This will be discussed at the next Board meeting. Steven Warren noted that this is a wonderful contribution to the field.

Self-Advocacy: The manual of how to be a speaker has been completed. A copy was passed around to Board members to examine. The Board complimented this committee on its very exciting publication for AAMR.

Health Promotions: Because Alya Reeve and Stan Handmaker now serve on the Board of Directors, there are two vacancies on this committee that will need to be filled at the next Board meeting.

M/S/P (J. Pierson, D. Coulter): To change the name of the Health Promotions Special Interest Group to the Health Issues Special Interest Group. This was requested by the SIG in a vote at their meeting at this conference.

Awards and Fellowship

M/S/P (Ficker Terrill, Gomez): That Jay Kuder to fill the vacancy on the Awards and Fellowship committee.

New Business

The strategic plan will now be led by Ann Turnbull. This will drive the work of the Association for the next 18 months.

The action agenda for the upcoming year includes several items: Changing the name of AAMR will involve discussion by the Board and, if a change is recommended, a vote by the Conference and Assembly in December. The membership would vote on any final recommendations. A committee will work on redesigning the annual conference. The finances of AAMR will be a priority, with a look at new investments. Work with our sister organizations to have a presence in the discussion on the Human Genome Project will begin. There will be a presentation and discussion on this topic at the December meeting.


The meeting adjourned at 6:40 p.m. (MDT).

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna L. Pierson, PhD, FAAMR