In “Poverty, Welfare Reform, and Disproportionate Rates of Disability Among Children,” by Arnold Birenbaum, published in the June 2002 issue (Vol. 40, pp. 212–218), there were several errors. On p. 214, in the right hand column, first full paragraph, the second sentence should read “The end of cash assistance does not mean that the poor lose legal right to noncash benefits.” The final sentence in that paragraph should read “Some eligible families are not getting food stamps after they drop off welfare, according to national data analyzed by the Center of Budget and Policy Priorities (Primus, Rawlings, Levin, & Porter, 1999).

Further, the last sentence in the last paragraph before the heading “Differential Impact on Families of Welfare Reform” should read, “The average income of the poorest 20% of female-headed families fell $580 in 1998, even when noncash benefits were counted (Primus et al., 1999).