Executive Committee Conference Call February 23, 2004


The meeting was called to order at 1:04 p.m. (EST) on Monday, February 23, 2004, by President Ann Turnbull.


Members present—Ann Turnbull, president; David Coulter, president-elect; Joanna Pierson, secretary/treasurer; David Rotholz, Conference of Professional Interests; Suzie Lassiter, Assembly of Geographic Interests. Members absent—Valerie Bradley, vice president. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser. Guest—Ruth Luckasson, past president


Philadelphia 2004 Conference

D. Coulter reported that the final program for the conference is complete and a portion of it is now posted on the webpage. Very few exhibit booth spaces are left. He is looking for event sponsors. Everyone agreed that marketing to health professionals as well as other groups is key in the success of the conference.

Draft Guidelines for Use of Division and Special Interest Groups (SIG) Monies

D. Rotholz spoke to Division presidents and SIG chairs and drafted guidelines on the use of monies allocated to Divisions and SIGs. His proposal was discussed and modified. The Board of Directors will discuss this at the March conference call.

Governmental Affairs Seminar

D. Coulter will attend and present at the opening session.

Implementing the New Bylaws

In the new bylaws, the only standing committees are the Nominations and Elections Committee and the Awards and Fellowship Committee. There was much discussion about how to determine which committees are necessary at any given time. The group agreed that it is important to focus on priorities and goals of the Association and to structure committees around these priorities. Currently, this will be based on the revision of the strategic plan using the ideas generated at the MidWinter Meeting. Using this, Executive Committee members will explore with each of the current committees their specific roles in the future. Recommendations will be forwarded to the Board for discussion in the May conference call.

October Conference Collaboration Proposal

D. Coulter discussed AAMR's potential participation in the health agenda of the World Conference on Disability this autumn. Everyone agreed they needed more information before making any recommendations on collaboration.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:14 p.m. (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna Pierson, PhD, FAAMR


Board of Directors Conference Call March 15, 2004


Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:02 p.m. (EST) on Monday, March 15, 2004, by President Ann Turnbull.


Members present—Ann Turnbull, president; Valerie Bradley, vice president; Joanna Pierson, secretary/treasurer; Ruth Luckasson, past president; Sharon Coutryer; William Gaventa; Sharon Gomez; Robert Horner; Yves Lachapelle; Suzie Lassiter; Wendy Nehring; Genevieve Pugh; David Rotholz; Timothy Shriver; Frances Ulrich; Patricia Williams. Members absent—David Coulter, president-elect, Amy Hewitt; Tia Nelis; Neil Ross. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser, Ana Montolieu. Guest present—Susan Havercamp.


Acceptance of Minutes

J. Pierson presented the minutes.

M/S/P (D. Rotholz, S. Coutryer): To accept the January 25, 2004, Board of Directors Meeting minutes with additional elaboration of the Conference of Professional Interests report and correction of the Power of One Campaign from $5,000 to $4,500.

M/S/P (W. Nehring, F. Ulrich): To accept the February 23, 2004, Executive Committee Meeting minutes.

CD Reinvestment

J. Pierson described the recommendation from M. Levin, AAMR financial advisor, to invest the $24,000 from the CD that matures March 31, 2004, by purchasing a zero coupon bond.

M/S/P (S. Gomez, D. Rotholz): That AAMR re-invest the proceeds from the maturing Certificate of Deposit by purchasing U.S. Treasury Zero Coupon Bonds to mature in 2016 at a yield of 4.31%.

Division/SIG Budget Parameters

D. Rotholz explained the specifics of the proposed budget parameters. This has been discussed among the Division presidents and SIG chairs. The proposal would reimburse certain expenses for up to the amount of the budget allocation with rollover of unused funds into the next year. It would not impact monies raised by Divisions and SIGs themselves.

M/S/P (W. Gaventa, S. Coutryer): That AAMR accept the proposed Division/SIG budget parameters.

AAMR Representative to IASSID Council

D. Croser reported that Robert Schalock has represented AAMR for one term with this group. The group asked that he be allowed to continue in this role.

M/S/P (F. Ulrich, S. Gomez): To reappoint R. Schalock for an additional 4-year term as AAMR's representative to the IASSID Council.

Amicus Curiae Protocol

R. Luckasson described the protocol, which puts our limited resources at the highest legal level where we can have the most impact, provides for a speedy process, consistency with our positions, and provides sufficient information from the requester to be available to appropriately make a decision.

M/S/P (W. Gaventa, S. Gomez): That AAMR utilize the proposed amicus curiae protocol.

Mercury Consensus Statement

D. Croser asked the Board to sign on to this statement. It is endorsed by many health care professional groups. It is congruent with AAMR's activities in this area.

M/S/P (V. Bradley, S. Coutryer): That AAMR adopt the Mercury Consensus Statement.

Right to Communicate Resolution from TASH

D. Croser was asked by TASH that AAMR consider signing this comprehensive resolution. The resolution endorses facilitated communication as part of the right to communicate. In the past AAMR has not taken a position on facilitated communication due to its controversial nature in terms of its success. After much discussion, the decision was made to hold final consideration until the May Board meeting. In advance of this meeting, R. Horner will send an analysis to the Board.

Fundraising and Finance Committee Restructuring

J. Pierson reported the recommendations. The first is that the Finance committee will dissolve in June as per the bylaws revisions. There will then be three committees to work on fundraising. The Power of One Campaign will continue with W. Gaventa as Chair. The Endowment Committee will continue with Hank Mann as chair. A new Sponsorship Committee will be convened to seek sponsors for AAMR activities and publications and to interest members in involving AAMR in their grants and other income-generating activities.

M/S/P (V. Bradley, D. Rotholz): To accept the recommendations of the Fundraising and Finance Committee Restructuring Report.

Report on Proposed 2006 Meeting in Montreal

Y. Lachapelle reported that the theme will be social inclusion. The dates are May 2–5, 2006, based on hotel availability. The conference is an AAMR initiative but also serves as a joint event with international organizations. He has contacted local organizations to assist in the arrangements.

Update on September 2005 Disability Summit

V. Bradley and D. Croser reported on the Disability Summit, which will be held September 20–24, 2005, at the Washington Hilton. There will be publicity about this shortly. V. Bradley is organizing the program committee for the conference. She said the committee is looking at encouraging sponsoring partners to have premeetings at the state level prior to the national meeting, thereby attending the meeting with an understanding of what they wish to learn for their state. The group plans to canvas the membership to determine the abiding issues to cover. AAMR will need to determine how to structure our organizational part (e.g., awards, meetings). This is being planned as a milestone meeting.

ABAI Project Update

R. Horner updated the Board about the work on the new adaptive behavior tool development. The committee members are focusing their work, looking at cultural sensitivity as important to include in the resulting instrument. They have submitted one grant to NIDRR and are planning to submit one to NIH.

Direct Support Professionals Initiative

V. Bradley and S. Gomez reported on progress in this arena. At the MidWinter Meeting there was discussion of AAMR potentially moving into certification of direct support professionals. However, the National Alliance of Direct Support, a coalition in which AAMR participates, is working on this certification. The AAMR will continue to work with them. The idea of having links on the AAMR website to direct support professionals training on various issues is a possibility mentioned in the Board discussion. Training in state of the art techniques will be AAMR's emphasis for this group. The Membership committee recommended an initiative for front-line supervisors and program coordinators. The group that met to discuss the direct support initiative will be expanded to begin looking at the feasibility of this possible initiative.

SIS Implementation Update

V. Bradley reported that a developmental disabilities council is interested in purchasing the SIS to use as a tool for its state. The self-advocates had some issues with some of the language. This will be looked at in terms of how to guide people administering the SIS to involve self-advocates meaningfully. It was noted that this is important for the Association to address in the development of all instruments. Recently, there was a conference call with the authors of the SIS. Those interested will join the implementation committee. To date the group has concentrated on scheduling for presentation at important meetings and conferences over the next year. The group is examining ways to help states that may use this tool for resource allocation. An early adopters initiative is underway. The group is thinking about training others who can extend the training network on the SIS. Sales are good to date.

Transplantation Summary Report

D. Croser provided a report as an FYI on this initiative in which AAMR participated. There will be another report in June when there are additional data.

Philadelphia Conference

The preliminary program is on the webpage. National office staff met with the Local Arrangements Committee this past week.


D. Croser reported that the audit is complete. The overall surplus was $482,000 with $191,000 in operating surplus.

Revised Reorganization Proposal

Board members were sent a revised proposal for discussion and voting during the May conference call. Before that time, Board members should send any comments for revision to M. Yeager.


The meeting was adjourned at 2:08 p.m. (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna Pierson, PhD, FAAMR