Board of Directors Meeting Minutes January 14, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:00 PM (EDT) on Monday, January 14, 2008 by President David Rotholz.


Members present—David Rotholz, President; Joanna Pierson, Vice President; James Gardner, Secretary/Treasurer; Hank Bersani, Immediate Past President; Sharon Gomez; Diane Morin; Karrie Shogren; Michael Wehmeyer; Mark Yeager. Members not present—Steve Eidelman. Invited guests— Patricia Harmon. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser; Maria Alfaro.

Association Business

Acceptance of Minutes

James Gardner presented the minutes from the last Board of Directors meeting.

M/S/P (Gomez/Morin): Unanimously to accept the minutes from the December 17, 2007 Board of Directors meeting.

Discussion of Membership

David Rotholz introduced plans for the formation of an ad-hoc committee on membership. He indicated that the committee would include David Rotholz, Doreen Croser and five (5) other representatives. Rotholz indicated that the committee would coordinate its work with the Strategic Planning Committee.

Doreen Croser discussed the new membership campaign and the four (4) e-mail communications that would begin in the near future. The consensus of the Board was that the marketing material reflected a new look and would attract additional attention.

Web Project Update

Doreen Croser discussed the two proposals submitted by BeanCreative and Golightly that address the redesign of the AAIDD website. BeanCreative has proposed a web design that will enable office staff to exercise direct control over content and make changes when necessary. Golightly is a complementary function that will maximize membership responsiveness and social interactivity. The total costs of both packages would exceed the current budget. Board members discussed the options and alternatives for funding both components.

M/S/P (Bersani/Pierson) unanimously to approve $40,000 in additional funding from the AAIDD reserves to fund the two complementary web site enhancements.

Strategic Planning Meeting Follow-up

David Rotholz indicated that he was preparing to distribute the notes from the strategic planning retreat.

Cooperative Initiative with AUCD

Karrie Shogren reported on the cooperative ventures with AUCD.

Nominating and Elections Committee Report

Hank Bersani reported on the activity and recommendations of the Nominations and Elections Committee.

DABS Report

Hank Bersani reported that the test version of DABS has been finalized and that AAIDD is recruiting examiners for a standardization sample with the instrument. He indicated that the response to date has been strong and that leaders within APA Division 33 and the IASSID have expressed interest in featuring DABS at their next forums.

2008 Annual Meeting

Doreen Croser noted that plenary session speakers were in place and that Nancy Weiss had volunteered to lead the local arrangements committee. There as a consensus on the need to recruit sponsors for the event.

Inclusion International Request

Doreen Croser reported that Inclusion International had invited AAIDD to become a national sponsoring partner for the 2008 International Congress to be held in Ottawa. The fee for the sponsorship is $5,000. Board members discussed the importance of supporting the work of Inclusion International and, perhaps, increasing the cooperative interaction with Inclusion International.

M/S/P (Bersani/Morin) Unanimously to serve as a national sponsoring partner with a contribution of $5,000 to Inclusion International.


The meeting adjourned at 2:10 PM (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

James F. Gardner


Board of Directors Meeting Minutes February 25, 2008

Call to Order

The meeting was called to order at 1:07 PM (EST) on Monday, February 25, 2008 by President David Rotholz.


Members present—David Rotholz, President; Steve Eidelman, President Elect; Joanna Pierson, Vice President; Hank Bersani, Immediate Past President; Karrie Shogren; Mark Yeager. Members not present—James Gardner, Secretary/Treasurer; Sharon Gomez; Diane Morin; Michael Wehmeyer. Invited guests—Patricia Harmon; Roni Jo Frazier. National staff present—M. Doreen Croser; Maria Alfaro.

Association Business

Acceptance of Minutes

Joanna Pierson presented the minutes from the last Board of Directors meeting.

M/S/P (Bersani, Eidelman): Unanimously to accept the minutes from the January 14, 2008 Board of Directors meeting.

Board of Directors Retreat Discussion

David Rotholz reviewed the summary of the Retreat that was sent to Board members. The three priorities decided were leadership development and support, knowledge dissemination, and technology. This is a working document that will be shared with the leadership and membership and form the basis for the strategic plan. The strategic plan will be developed by Joanna Pierson and Karrie Shogren by the April conference call. Comments on the current draft of the retreat should be sent to David Rotholz or Doreen Croser.

Leadership Meeting Agenda

David Rotholz led a discussion about the Leadership Forum and Annual Membership Meeting to be held at the Annual Conference. Doreen Croser will provide a short State of the Association Report before the rest of the session is used for input and discussion. Materials will be distributed to the membership prior to the meeting to enable the membership and leadership to comment on current and proposed Association activities. Alerts will be sent about the meeting encouraging people to attend and suggest ideas.

Journal Access Report

Doreen Croser reported on the AAIDD Journal Access Activation Campaign that is working to assist libraries in increasing their electronic access to the journals. Some libraries have been unaware of this option or have not yet activated it for other reasons. Electronic access helps increase the usage of the journals.

Action Groups Update

Joanna Pierson sent a report to Board members about the activities of the various Action Groups. Reports from most of the groups were included. Based on her discussions with the Action Groups, she recommended that the national office handle the elections for most of the groups, that there be a Board liaison to each group, and that in future budgeting the Board starts to look at funding for a staff position to assist Action Groups and Chapters. She will send a list of Action Groups to the Board members to determining a liaison for each group. The activities of these groups also will be part of the strategic plan.

2008 Conference Report

Steve Eidelman stated that the conference program is “bolted down”. He noted that it will be a very different conference from those held in the past. Fundraising will be the primary activity for the next month. A total of $30,000 in sponsorships is the goal.

Activities Update

Doreen Croser reported on the activities of staff. A detailed report was sent to the Board. The annual audit starts next week. The office lease ends shortly, and a realtor is completing an analysis of possible rental options for the future. The election will be held electronically this year. The website project is moving along. The Governmental Affairs Seminar has over 500 registrants. The membership campaign is not yet receiving much response. A second Alliance for Full Participation Summit is scheduled for 2011. It will be held in DC and limited to 1500 participants. Patricia Harmon noted that it is DD Day at the Legislature in many states this week because of the agreements from the last Alliance Summit.


The meeting adjourned at 2:08 PM (EST).

Respectfully submitted,

Joanna Pierson

Vice President