In 2007, the journal named Mental Retardation (MR) ceased to exist. It has been replaced by Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (IDD), reflecting the change in the name of the association that publishes the journal. The change of the publication's name will not alter the publication's mission: to serve as a journal of policy, practices, and perspectives in the field of intellectual and developmental disabilities.

MR was first published in February 1963 under the editorship of Glenn E. Milligan, EdD. The journal's initial set of editorial consultants included many prominent researchers and practitioners, whose names are remembered here: Michael J. Begab, Gerard J. Bensberg, Burton Blatt, Robert L. Erdman, David Gibson, Herbert Goldstein, Marguerite J. Hastings, Richard F. Heber, Harris Kahn, Sherman E. Kaplitz, Leo J. Kelly, Howard Kelman, Richard Koch, Jerome Levy, Beulah S. Light, Katherine D. Lynch, J. Thomas McIntire, Allen Menefee, Howard W. Parshall, D. P. Rogers, Jerome H. Rothstein, Issac N. Wolfson, and Margaret M. Wright.

The inaugural issue of MR included an introduction by the editor and a message from the president of the association. These commentaries are reprinted in this issue of the journal. Although our terminology and the features of the journal have changed over the years, the role of this journal in the association and field is little different from what it was in 1963.

—Steven J. Taylor, Editor