Just over 25 years ago, the Consortium of Multiple Sclerosis Centers (CMSC) organized a unique meeting, “What Do We Know About MS Care?,” that examined the roots of the organization with the goal of developing long-term strategies for its committees, special interest groups, and task forces. This unique gathering yielded three outcomes: a research agenda for the CMSC, which subsequently generated several useful clinical practice guidelines; a project comparing the comprehensive care model to current models of care; and a patient registry that might provide answers to questions of therapeutic importance, particularly disease modification. Named NARCOMS, this registry’s mission would be to develop a better understanding of the MS disease course and the effects of interventions with a longitudinal design. Dr. Timothy Vollmer was selected to head a steering committee to move NARCOMS forward. The rest is history.

Since its inception, NARCOMS has been a valuable resource for research by students, academicians, clinicians, and patients. It has generated information about comorbidities related to MS and has inspired the adoption of many wellness measures. Data regarding smoking, obesity, and employment have resulted in changes in the clinical practice of professionals and lifestyle changes in those affected by MS. NARCOMS has become nationally and internationally known for its contribution to knowledge, research, and clinical care in MS. It has set an example for numerous other registries and is a source of pride for the leadership of the CMSC and its members. Happy anniversary, NARCOMS!