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(1) Backward Walking and Dual-Task Assessment Improve Identification of Gait Impairments and Fall Risk in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Edwards EM, Kegelmeyer DA, Kloos AD, Nitta M, Raza D, Nichols-Larsen DS, Fritz NE

(2) Bipedal Coordination in Seated Position in Multiple Sclerosis: Reduced Amplitude Over 6 Minutes and Higher Coordination Variability in Walking Fatigability Group

Van Geel F, Goetschalckx M, Meesen R, Tedesco Triccas L, Geraerts M, Feys P

(3) Relation of Cognitive Function and Fatigability with Walking Capacity and Fatigability in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Van Geel F, Veldkamp R, Soler B, D’hooge M, Vanzeir M, Feys P

(4) A Clinical Reasoning Framework for Fatigue in Neurologic Disease

Cohen ET, DiCarrado S, Zervas M, Karpatkin HI

(5) Blood Flow Restriction Training for Mobility, Fatigue, and Strength in Multiple Sclerosis: A Case Report

Ingersoll M, Cleffi N, Karpatkin HI, Cohen ET

(6) Intensive Neurorehabilitation Improves Gait in People with Progressive Multiple Sclerosis: Evidence from Kinematic Analysis

Huang SC, Dalla Costa G, Pisa M, Leccabue G, Gregoris L, Tettamanti A, Comi G, Leocani L

(7) Evaluating Effects of Global Proprioceptive Resonance on Gait in Multiple Sclerosis with Kinetic and Electromyography

Huang SC, Dalla Costa G, Pisa M, Talarico D, Tettamanti A, Comi G, Leocani L

(8) The Danger of Walking with Socks: Evidence from Kinematic Analysis in People with Progressive MS and Controls

Huang SC, Dalla Costa G, Pisa M, Gregoris L, Leccabue G, Tettamanti A, Comi G, Leocani L

(9) Effect of Cooling on Gait Fatigability in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Karpatkin H, Rachwani J, Riva S, Russo K, Stevens S, Yu W

(10) Cognitive-Motor Interference in People with Multiple Sclerosis: The Influence of Curvilinear Walking and Fatigue

Pedullà L, Bonzano L, Bisio A, Job M, Tacchino A, Brichetto G, Bove M

(11) Variable Exertion Contributes to Walking Impairments in Multiple Sclerosis

Pilloni G, Krupp L, Charvet L

(12) Fatigue – A Key Predictor of Employment Status in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Pisa M, Gromisch ES, DeLuca GC, Lo AC, DelMastro HM, Ruiz JA

(13) Is Skeletal Muscle Fatigue a Contributory Risk Factor to Falls Among People with Multiple Sclerosis?

Sanni AA, McCully KK, Lynall R, Backus D

(14) Torque Responses to In-Place Perturbations in People with Mild Multiple Sclerosis

Monaghan AS, Peterson DS

(15) Functional Intermuscular Reduction in Spasticity in MS (MS-FIRST)

Miller B, James SA, Kolobe TH

(16) Patient Perspectives on Falls in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis: A Pilot Study

Matsuda PN, Hoffman JM

(17) Developing a Fall Risk Algorithm for Independent Fall Risk Screening in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Hsieh KL, Sosnoff JJ

(18) Self-Report Measures of Fatigue in Multiple Sclerosis: Systematic Review of Psychometrics and Usability with Evaluation of Evidence

Potter K, Allen DD, Matsuda PN, Fritz NE, Yorke AM, Widener GL, Cohen ET

(19) Function, Not Structure: Neurophysiology May Be More Important Than Neuroanatomy for Controlling Turning Performance in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Swanson CW, Fling BW

(20) Change in Gait, Fatiguability, and Standing Stability with Daily Use of Torso Weighting in Multiple Sclerosis: A Randomized Pilot Study

Allen DD, Burchuladze S, Grady GN, Lee MJ, Mindel L, Widener GL

(21) Influence of the Environment on Cognitive-Motor Interaction During Walking in People Living with and without Multiple Sclerosis

Wajda DA, Zanotto T, Sosnoff JJ

(22) Associations Between Habitual Physical Activity, Postural Control, and Gait Speed in People with Multiple Sclerosis

Bandera VB, Richmond SB, Swanson CW, Leach HJ, Fling BW

(23) Responsiveness of the Patient-Specific Functional Scale to Changes in Walking Endurance: A Proof-of-Concept Analysis

Hoffman RM, Christiansen CL, Mañago MM

(24) Head and Trunk Instability and Turning Velocity During a Fatiguing Walk Test in Patients with Multiple Sclerosis

Lopez-Lennon C, Loyd BJ, Taylor C, Agnew L, Koch N, Lester M, Dibble L

(25) Cognitive Domains and Dual-Task Walking in Persons with Multiple Sclerosis

Van Liew C, Ofori E, Srinivasan J, Kaczmarek O, Gudesblatt M, Peterson D

(26) Fatigue Is Associated with Reduced Mobility, Depressive Symptoms, Fear of Falling, and Reduced Quality of Life Independent of Disease Severity in Multiple Sclerosis

Chaplin C, Menant JC, Hoang PD, Lord SR

(27) Impact of Intensive End-Effector Robotic Rehabilitation on Fatigue and Quality of Life in Progressive Multiple Sclerosis

Rajendra SD, Pilutti L, Motl R, Altenburger P

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